Princess Peach, Court Cases & Lots of Trailers!

A bunch of people on-line were upset about the casting of Chris Pratt as Mario in the new Super Mario Brothers movie coming out next year and I’m not big on Pratt either but did you not see whose going to be Princess Peach? Can’t we happily concentrate on that perfect casting…

I mean she even dresses the part. She can do better than Pratt or Mario though in my opinion. But I’ll definitely watch this just for her voice that’s how much of a super fan I am 🙂

And I say that as someone who was scarred by the live-action movie in my youth. But if you ever want a more entertaining summery of it check out one of the best Pitch Meetings that sums it up perfectly.

The other big news this week was an interesting court case potentially brewing over at Marvel. (Mainly cause I think with Marvel Disney money behind it no one stands a chance.)

But papers have already been filed on both sides and the rights to some of their biggest characters (among them Iron Man and Spiderman) could be reverting back to the original creators as soon as 2023. Like I said I don’t think Disney/Marvel will ever let this happen but it would be nice if the original creators heirs (that weren’t Stan Lee) could see more of a benefit than they ever have.

As though Disney/Marvel needed another potential landmine of a court case after Scarlet.

Speaking of Disney Free Guy will be available this Tuesday. I loved that one so I think it’s worth a purchase. Meanwhile they’ve announced that Shang-Chi and Jungle Cruise will both be available for subscribers on Disney+ November 12th. Apparently this is at no extra cost for either to benefit the rollout in Taiwan.

This is also when we might get a first look at The Book of Bobba Fett.

We got a new trailer for Spencer this week that did a lot more on selling me than the first one. I have to remember that I couldn’t see Natalie Portman as Jackie either (same director) and wound up loving that film and thinking she was robbed for an Oscar.

Along with the Stranger Things trailer Netflix provided us with first looks at Sandman and a scene from Bridgerton Season 2 with Kate and Anthony which everyone whose read the books assures me is the best couple of them all and I have to admit they looked good. Maybe a little too Pride and Prejudice in this scene but good nonetheless.

I noticed on Stranger Things and Bridgerton it said 2022 but Sandman says coming soon… maybe we’ll get it squeezed in between now and The Witcher??? Oh man will we actually end 2021 (not a great year) with live-action adaptations of Foundation, Wheel of Time and freaking Sandman? I don’t know if I’ll manage.

There’s some actual book news to!

If you are a fan of Brandon Sanderson’s Skyward series (and it’s fantastic you should be!) There’s a series of novellas coming out starting this Tuesday with…

Covering what other characters where up to while Spensa was off doing her thing. The second one Redawn hits on October 26th and Cytonic is late November of course.

Like many other areas of supply and commerce recently there’s problems in the book supply chain that are wrecking havoc. I am far, far from an expert in any of this stuff (you know real life) but at base what it might mean in book world is dates pushed back and big delays. Also if you are waiting for something to release in the upcoming months that you are really desperate to get your hands on you may want to consider either pre-ordering or getting your library on it early- just to be in the safe side.


  1. There are so many exciting things on the horizon! I like Pratt but I do think Hollywood needs to realise he doesn’t need to be the lead in like, every single action movie.
    I’m so excited about those novellas!

  2. I’d been looking forward to Queen’s Hope by E.K. Johnston, the third Padme Amidala book, which originally was slated to come out in November. But now it’s been pushed back to April 2022 🙁 I guess some things are worth waiting for, lol.

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