5- Star Film Predictions

I’ve been in a bit of a film slump recently (partly that’s because there’s been so much good television!) anyway the upcoming Fall films all look like they are going to stay on track and I have great hopes.

But there’s a handful I’m predicting will be 5 Star Watches for me and hopefully everyone!

I’m Your Man- September 24th/ Streams in October

I only recently saw the trailer for this but it just captured me. I love stories about AI/humanity and it looks romantic and funny. A line Dan Stevens can walk very well. It will be streaming on Oct 12th which makes me very happy because I can’t find it anywhere near me!

Last Night in Soho- October 29th

So this is kind of a cheat being one of my most anticipated films of the year from the start but I think if anything can make me forget Baby Driver it will be my love for Matt Smith and Anya Taylor-Joy.

Plus the film just looks like it’s going to be different an interesting!

Ghostbuster Afterlife- November 19th

Oh my gosh the second trailer for this just captured all the feels (to use that old cliche) but it did. I like the new cast and actors I think it’s going to do right by the originals (obviously since Jason Reitman is the son of the director of the original films) but anyway if we get a scene with Paul Rudd and Bill Murray together this girl will be happy.

Even if we don’t I thinking this is going to be a five star watch for me.

House of Gucci- November 24th

After watching a few interviews on Youtube with Patrizia Reggiani I actually got more excited for the movie. She’s… oh let’s just say wild. If Lady Gaga can get her right (and I see no reason why she can’t) I think this movie could actually be even more than a super fun wild the rich and famous are awful kind of movie.

And hell it’s still two hours of Lady Gaga and Adam Driver.

The Tragedy of Macbeth- Theaters Dec 25th/ AppleTV January 14

I’ve never been the biggest fan of this play and the version with Michael Fassbender a couple years back nearly put me to sleep (par for the course with some of his film choices though) regardless it’s usually Lady Macbeth that steals the show and Denzel aside if anyone is going to do a killer Lady Macbeth it’s going to be Frances McDormand. So this is definitely a 5 star prediction for me!

And depending on the Apple element probably going to be an acting awards contender!

2 thoughts on “5- Star Film Predictions

  1. The Tragedy of Macbeth is mostly new to me, I have to admit, but I’m HUGELY excited for the rest of these! I actually forgot about the Dan Stevens one so I’m over the moon to find out it’s only a week away!

    1. I know! It’s like there was a couple weeks of nothing much and now there’s just a glut of (hopefully) great movies coming out! I can’t wait for I’m Your Man. Stevens looks perfectly cast in this one 🙂

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