Mixed Feelings on House of the Dragon Trailer

They dropped a House of the Dragon teaser on us and I remain really torn on this one. Speaking as someone who loves the story who thinks it cinematic as all get out…

Do I really want to see another Westeros story where the rightful Queen (yes I am pro- Rhaenyra) get fucked over and have to fight for what’s rightfully hers?

Plus I know, I know you can’t head canon this things but until I see it I’m going to feel like Rhaenyra and Alicent are both miscast but then again I my wish list for this one was Charlize Theron and Rebecca Ferguson.

But hey there’s a diverse cast even in the trailer so they’ve already got the original beat on that score.

Next time let’s see those dragons because in the end that will probably be my biggest reason for watching.


  1. Yeah kinda muted and mixed on this too. Eager as I am to dive back into Westeros, I feel like we need more distance from GoT’s final season. But of course HBO’s gonna milk the mythology for all its worth. And knowing me I’m gonna end up watching πŸ˜”

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