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What If? Parties, Disrespect and Spoilers

So possibly controversial What If? Opinion but episode 7 Party Thor was my total favorite. I mean everyone was happy (well not Maria or Nick) Carol and Thor was the second fight this series gave me that I never knew I needed to see.

Loki was living his best life and really if this is how the world ends with a planet wide party it’s better than what we’re probably going to get right?

However the Tony Stark disrespect was a little hard to deal with considering I am always Team Stark they pretty much killed him in every single universe and then at the end he was just a joke for the Watcher to make!

At least Steve was barely in it and I still think he fared better!

Oh yeah if you haven’t seen it What If? Is the Marvel animated series about the multi-verse which just aired it’s full 9 episode first season and I have to say after a worrisome start with Captain Carter it only got more fun as it went on. I even retroactively appreciated the Captain Carter stuff.

And it had the typical Marvel good and bad. I mean much as I loved the humor of Party Thor Bucky needed to drop kick Head Scott Lang into oblivion because he just ruined the Zombies episode for me and that had a brilliant Wanda Zombie/ Baba Yaga facing off with Hulk in the other fight I never knew I needed.

But I don’t know if the MCU isn’t overdoing the humor what is it doing?

The voice work was fine but I think some cast coming back and others (the bigger ones) not was a little off nothing I couldn’t get past… except Ultron. James Spader has such a distinctive voice and he was able to make Ultron so creepy and intimidating. No offense to Ross Marquand but that just took me out of the finale.

What If? was also heartbreakingly Chadwick Boseman’s last work as T’Challa and he was excellent. Tom Hiddleston is great as Loki in any format. I actually couldn’t tell that it wasn’t Tom Holland as Spiderman and Lake Bell did a great job as Black Widow. Which shouldn’t be a surprise because Lake Bell steals the show voicing Ivy on Harley Quinn.

I also really liked the Doctor Strange episode (a complete 180 from the Thor episode) I would have loved to see it in live action. (And really you can get Cumberbatch but not Spader???) That being said it was still a little weird him destroying a universe to save Christine when she was relatively worthless to him in the film.

Still if this has something to do with his oddness in the No Way Home trailer I would not be upset.

So overall What If? was pretty typical Marvel. A different look at some of the characters but all over the place and 90% great fun. I’m in for a second season.

Recommend: Yes. The first series is complete on Disney+ now and I’m thinking it’s a pretty quick binge.

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