Last Night In Soho

There’s something about Matt Smith where he just seems like yeah he could be a nice guy or he could be completely sinister it’s a character toss up. It’s actually something I think Anya Taylor-Joy shares with him… Could be an angel? Might be a demon?

And they help make Last Night in Soho a ton of fun.

I actually managed to stay unspoiled about this one despite it being one of my most anticipated films of the year and I’m better for it really. As was the experience. I need to try that (obvious) tactic more.

But will anyone be able to avoid the next likely Spiderman trailer?

Thomasin McKenzie plays Eloise. A wide eyed dreamer with a love for the sixties who happens to see ghosts anyway she makes it to fashion school in London and ditches a roommate (who seriously made me wish this was a slasher flick) to rent a room in Soho and promptly starts dreaming of Sandi (Taylor-Joy.)

Sandi herself had big dreams and Eloise is immediately attached to her. Sandi immediately meets Jack (Smith) who promises he can make her famous and pretty much no one’s dream goes where they might want after that.

I enjoyed not knowing where this was going.

Although I did guess the ending it didn’t take anything away from it. The performances were excellent across the board. I knew Smith and Taylor-Joy were going to be great but also Thomasin McKenzie really nailed it as Eloise.

She can do the wide-eyed innocent country girl. But she can also unravel beautifully as the
“dreams” start to bleed over into real life. I also have to give her props for the completely believable flashes of disappointment as Sandi’s life doesn’t go the way Eloise seemed to want either (I felt that) or her rage as she tries to protect her.

Though I will agree there were some moments with Eloise even unraveling where simply asking someone’s name would have seriously saved her some trouble. As well as my roommate getting increasingly annoyed with her propensity to run willy-nilly into London traffic.

Neither one of us could figure out Joe. I mean sweet guy, good actor but there’s liking someone and wanting to help and not being able to while the near death experiences mount up.

Also props to Dianna Rigg in her last role. I’m only familiar with her from Game of Thrones a bright spot in a show I’ve tried to block from my mind but she too was excellent as Eloise’s land lady.

I know some people don’t like the end and there were some stylistic flashes I maybe could have done without but I thought it worked with all the characters and it worked on that level but no spoilers!

Recommend: Yes

Last Night in Soho is an interesting well made film with great performances and a good story. Also I must say this is more of a thriller/mystery than horror. If you are iffy like me there’s only one very disturbing scene.

6 thoughts on “Last Night In Soho

  1. Last week, on the prompting of my better half, I’ve attended the Asian Film Festival in Barcelona. The thing that stroke me most is that Asian moviemakers are apparently not so keen about happy endings as this is often a requirement for a Hollywood buster. From your review I seem to deduct that this might be an exception upon this rule.

  2. Oh, I loved this movie so much. I guessed some parts but not to their full extent – hope that cryptic-ness makes sense!
    You’re so right about Matt Smith. He’s either going to open the door for you and pull out your chair for you to sit in, or straight-up murder you on the spot. You just can’t tell!

  3. I spent way, way too long trying to work out if the hallway at the place Eloise was staying was the one from Sherlock! There was some flaws in this for sure (how did she get into a London Fashion School if she hadn’t been to London in years?) but the movie was so good, and so well acted that I just didn’t care. The ending was incredible.

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