Red Notice Is a Fun Time on Netflix

100% honesty all I wanted from Red Notice was a fun escapist movie and I’m happy to say that’s exactly what I got.

It’s a very old school 90’s kind of action adventure film that’s on Netflix and I mean don’t expect greatness but it’s an enjoyable watch.

It has all the elements. Fun action. Beautiful places. And beautiful people with chemistry who look like they are having a good time.

Reynolds plays the number 2 art thief in the world who teams up with Johnson’s Hartley an FBI agent who was set-up by the number 1 art thief in the world, Bishop (Gadot.) She’s looking for the last of Cleopatra’s egg which whoever can find can than sell to a billionaire for $300 million dollars.

Which Booth rightly points out at one point is a nice little MacGuffin but still a film like this needs one.

So they travel the world trying to get one step ahead of her and unite the eggs… while bickering and getting into life threatening situations as one does.

Most of the humor at this point is just Reynolds being Reynolds and I swear I’d love to see some of his scripts and just find out what he ad libs, “Lift with you neck,” is probably one of them. Gadot and Johnson are good as well. Like I said everyone has nice chemistry but they particularly make the action scenes work.

And actually she’s one of the few people I believe could get the better of him and kick his butt. I actually think Gadot and Reynold’s might be two of the Rock’s best team-ups movie wise.

Bonus points for keeping it under 2 hours by a few minutes sure but still these days full of movies that just don’t know when to stop it’s appreciated.

Red Notice is a good time. No it’s not going to be an awards contender or anything but it does what it’s supposed to basically providing a highly entertaining escape for two hours.

Recommend: Yes.

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