Arcane is Fantastic!

I didn’t know anything about this game when I started watching the series. To be honest I’m not sure I had ever heard of it. I just saw sisters and cool looking animation and thought hey why not?

And I’m glad I did.


One of the best of the year!

Arcane is about a lot of things but mainly follows two sisters- Vi and Powder/Jinx displaced by battle and then by tragedy and a crime lord. We also have Jayce and Viktor who believe they have found a way to capture magic and use it for science.

And all of this happens around the long-running battle between Piltover a damn nice place to live and Zaun who Piltover happens to be oppressing.

I will say Arcane starts out a little slow for me but was just intriguing enough to keep me going until that third episode ending when I was absolutely hooked.

(Also I know this is an unpopular opinion but I like the 3 at a time weekly release schedule. It keeps everyone on the same page pretty much so it’s not being spoiled by the morning after it drops and you have time to keep up with it if you can’t watch it all at once.

I would not be bothered if they did this for Stranger Things.)

Anyway I thought the animation was beautiful.

There was something especially balletic and mesmerizing about Jinx scenes which are probably in keeping with the fact you never know which way she’s going to go.

And that leads to some really great characterization throughout the whole series. Not just the characters either but the inner workings of the government, the conflict between Piltover and Zaun and a well-drawn bad guy that you can also understand.

Plus some fantastic voice-over work seriously Ella Purnell voices Powder/Jinx and it may be her best work to date.

I’ve seen Arcane compared to Game of Thrones (because naturally something always has to be compared to that other popular thing but considering my thoughts on that after the first season) it’s what Game of Thrones should have been.

Right down to a much better sisters win battle story.

Anyway Netflix already renewed Arcane for Season 2 so we’ve got plenty more to come and I’m looking forward to it. At nine episodes it’s easy to get through and once you hit episode 4 completely addicting. You don’t need any knowledge of the game either. I was able to just jump right in.

Recommend: Yes.

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