Hawkeye: Adorable Bonding, Old Friends and Conspiracy Theories

I would not have thought coming into this year that Hawkeye would be fighting with Wandavision for my favorite of the Marvel shows but here we are.

“If they stick the last two episodes and deliver on the ah “Uncle” Rumors without fucking it up… (a la Wandavision’s criminal waste of Evan Peters) than it could wind up supreme.

Spoilers for 3-4 of Hawkeye!

So Clint and Kate had a violent confrontation with Echo and the (wonderful) Track Suit Mafia, an awkward meeting with her family, actually bonded and celebrated Christmas, explored Clint’s pain over Natasha, meet more LARPERS with some ah questionable decision making skills for a group of first responders

and then ran into the big one…

(Until next week I’m hoping.)

Considering the pain of Natasha’s death is still very prevalent in Clint’s mind and he doesn’t yet know who Yelena is I actually expect any further meeting with them to be very, very emotional and nice moment there of Kate having her very own “the shot I didn’t take.”

Another Black Widow/Hawkeye friendship is born?

They also seem to be laying the groundwork that Laura Barton was a spy or something connected to that watch that could still cause a lot of trouble for her apparently which is one of the reason Clint needs it back. Why does Maya/Uncle want it though? I assumed it was Ronan’s. Other people were saying something about the Stark Tech… but it Maya was retrieving it for Kingpin…

What does he know? Why does he want it? Was Laura Mockingbird once upon a time? Anyway more Linda Cardellini is literally never a bad thing.

We also got more Jack and Eleanor this episode and he’s actually growing on me. Don’t get me wrong I think he’s a smarmy dude and we learned his name is on the company laundering funds for the track suit bros but I still say Eleanor is the Big Bad…

Or the second Big Bad because after she heavily implied Clint should drop the whole case she made a mysterious phone call…

To a man in a nice suit I’m betting 🙂

Either way my theory on this is going to be Kingpin used the Ronan cover for Swordsman Jack to take out William Lopez (Maya’s dad). Eleanor made a deal with Kingpin back in the day to keep the penthouse and now she’s going to let Jack be the fall guy.

Kate is going to learn the hard lesson about the life Clint keeps trying to warn her about. Yelena will not kill Clint who will make it home for the holidays and someone will give Pizza Dog actual food he should be eating.

And if the blonde Yelena is fighting in the preview actual turns out to be Sharon Carter (Powerbroker) and we don’t see Kingpin I will be very, very sad… for a few days until Spiderman and then I’m sure I’ll be fine again 🙂

Two episodes left! But there’s got to be a season 2 announcement right?

2 thoughts on “Hawkeye: Adorable Bonding, Old Friends and Conspiracy Theories

  1. This episode was more of a calm down, but Yelena finally showing up did make up for it. I’m prepared to gasp when Kingpin shows up. And yes, it better not be a fake out.

    1. The other day I heard someone pointing out we never saw Kate’s father’s body in those suspicious moments and maybe he’s “Uncle” and I swear if that’s the case and this is a fake out I’m going to need a new television!

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