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Multiverse of Madness Trailer!

Boy Marvel is just doing all the Christmas presents the last couple of days aren’t they?

The trailer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was officially dropped on-line.

It doesn’t give a way a lot but is that…

Evil Doctor Strange?

I like Cumberbatch as a villain. (Is this the Strange from What If?) Though I am not liking the darker hair… maybe a little too much there.

Wanda looks good.

I mean a lot more remains to be seen of course and to be honest a lot of this movie for me is going to be like, “Oh it’s…!”

But it will be fun nonetheless!

Plus Sam Raimi coming back and coming back to comic book films no less. That’s going to be fascinating!

Doctor Strange will be battling the multiverse on May 6th!

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