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Spiderman Is Cursed for Me

I swear Spiderman No Way Home is cursed for me. Twice since it came out I actually had tickets and twice I couldn’t go. I got to admit the second time this weekend, I probably could have forced it, but I just wasn’t feeling it anymore.

As to the first time occasionally I miss those long ago days when I would have said, eh, it’s just a sinus infection and been on my merry way.

Either way I couldn’t help wonder how easy it was just not to bother this weekend. Granted I’ve heard some of the bigger spoilers but not all of them. It definitely feels like my excitement is dimmed and I have to wonder how much I respond to hype.

I don’t know. Something to think about as the year goes on. I’ve also been a bit of a grump the last few months so New Year Resolution: Be Less Grumpy!

I still hope to see the film in the next week or two (hopefully it will finally be less crowded).

Without Spiderman my arbitrarily important first movie of the year that I place entire too much pressure on turned out to be…


I have to say it as well worth the wait! I loved Maribel and Bruno the music was pretty good and it actually was a really entertaining story about intergenerational family trauma with magic.

So I’m definitely less salty about it likely beating out The Mitchells vs. the Machines in all the upcoming awards show. Although if you haven’t I definitely recommend both!

I am saving my saltiness for some of the responses to this season of The Witcher. But well that’s a rant for another day.

My New Year Reading is starting out… a bit messier than I wanted. I chose…

Razorblade Tears for my first read of the year about two grief-stricken ex-con fathers on a quest to find out who murdered their married sons and why. So far it’s been really good, quiet good character work with the Ike and Buddy (the MC’s) unfortunately a massive migraine also chose me for the first couple of days of the year so I haven’t been able to concentrate as much as I would have wanted.

I’ve been reading the Hawkeye the Saga of Barton and Bishop graphic novel anthology as well.

It’s a fun read and the amount of comics they packed into this anthology for $40 is a great deal!

I’ve read some Hawkeye before and it does take a little bit to get accustomed to how different the comics version is. I mean if you were comparing it to the show he’d be the Kate Bishop character but even messier.

Lucky the Pizza Dog is still King in any adaptation.

I also for some strange migraine induced reason (oh yeah I wanted an audio book) decided to start listening to the 30+ hour sci-fi…

Which has actually been really easy to follow and kind of fast. I mean the book starts with the moon blowing up so it’s definitely a good hook following how humanity saves itself. (Assuming that it does save itself.

I don’t want to say anymore because this is the oldest book in my audible library and it’s going way better than I thought. Maybe if it keeps up it’s finally time for Anna Karenina? 🙂

Of course maybe I shouldn’t push my luck!

Hope everyone has a lovely New Year 🙂

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