Pam and Tommy Trailer: One of My Most Anticipated Shows…

Pam and Tommy has been one of my top 3 most anticipated shows of 2022 pretty much since they dropped the first pictures of Lily James and Sebastian Stan in the title roles.

At which I pretty much like everyone went, “That’s Lily James?”

The first trailer looked very good and they just dropped a second one this morning. Probably the last since this starts Feb. 2nd on Hulu…

I’m still going to watch this but I definitely have more… mixed feelings about it I suppose you could say. I think the actors will kill it but I’m hoping this is more Pam and Tommy than the thief and the pornographer no matter how much I love Nick Offerman.

I was a preteen when this broke so was to young to care or hell even know how to find it but, always cynical, I too probably would have thought they sold it at the time like most people did.

But it does look from the trailers like it’s not going to be exploitative but tell the story from her point of view (I’m sure Tommy’s to but we see more of her in the trailer). Hopefully that will be the case anyway.

So I’m hoping the series will hold up to the trailers.

Pam and Tommy will be on Hulu starting February 2nd.

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