Delicious: Good Food for Everyone

It’s one of my goals this year to watch more films and read more internationally. So naturally when I saw Delicious pop up, a film about food and the opening of the first restaurant in 1700’s France I was like yes, good place to start!

And it was!

Also there’s a birth of the French Fries scene in here that felt like an honest to God cameo 🙂

Anyway Pierre has been rather happy and proud to be the beloved Chef of a ridiculous Duke fired one day in a truly great scene (in which the aristocracy easily make fools of themselves without seeing it) he and his son wind up back in the country at his late father’s roadside stop.

I guess that’s the best way to explain it. It’s pretty much an inn where traveler’s can stop and not expect much but get some soup and stay out of the rain, etc.

(I have to say as much as the food porn was nice the idyllic and beautiful shots of the country might be even better!)

Pierre has lost his taste for cooking though the arrival of Louise who wants him to teach her well it brings back interest in a lot of things…

And I must say I appreciated the passion for food and how the film wrapped up Pierre’s belief that you needed to know how to eat and taste, with the aristocrats who generally believed eating well was a talent that belonged only to them, with the idea of an open, welcoming place where you could feed anyone regardless of status.

Overall Delicious is just a sweet nice film. I liked the characters- though Louise and Pierre’s son are more interesting than him it still all works. Louise is an interesting character in her own right- enough so that a part of me couldn’t help but think she should be the main character but the more the movie does reveal the more it feels like a split anyway.

Also being revolutionary France it was nice not to worry too much about the aristocracy getting their just desserts for being despicable you just roll your eyes and know they will. Takes some of the pressure off the film 🙂

Recommend: Yes.

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