Star Wars Thoughts: Who Will Lead Mandalore?

So the long painful Mando drought ended last week. (Now the real question is will the even more painful Grogu drought get even a little bit of relief? I don’t know.)

But because I love some good fan fun and theorizing I’ve been enjoying everyone’s guesses on where Mando is going and more importantly whose going to rule Mandalore in the end?

I think there’s valid thoughts for all three Din, Bo-Katan and Boba. But I came across one that was like oh yeah Boba is going to rule Mandalore and the new ship means Din will be in his guard.

Game of Thrones was actually referenced which I refuse to talk about that ending 🙂

But I just don’t see that as happening. I think if it’s not going to be Din he either: died taking Mandalore back and reuniting the Mandalorians or he’s enjoying a nice retirement somewhere.

Look I think Boba is going to play a big part in all of this although I think it’s more likely to be as a guiding factor for Din as he tries to find another way outside of this covern and I still think Boba (and Bo and maybe some other people) could take possession of the Dark Saber for a while.

I still think the next leader of Mandalore will eventually be…

He is a Jedi.

He is a Mandalorian foundling.

He’s getting armor!

And, while I don’t think this is the most important part, it would answer the question of what happened to Grogu when Ben destroys the school pretty neatly. (Meaning he was long gone at the time!)

One of my favorite parts of Star Wars is the lore and how it affects characters in universe. The armorer laid out an interesting bit when she pointed out that Grogu was a Jedi and his people do not do attachments.

And then Din pointed out the Mandalorians very much do. (Which I would like to think it’s a bump in his mental space about how easily she cut him loose when there’s so little of the covern left in the first place.)

But that’s why I think thematically Din and Boba work so well they can so something like what they did in episode 5. They are both on the path to finding another way than what they’ve done in the past and what in many ways (in Din’s case especially) was chosen and expected of them. I think Grogu will do the same and chose Mandalore.

It might be especially true when you think Din and Grogu already know Ashoka and will likely cross paths with her and Ezra again in the future. (And I’m still thinking Cal Kestis is showing up! They pull so much from those games why not him?)

As for Bo-Katan I don’t think she’ll be the end game for Mandalore but rumor has it she’s either getting her own show, or a lot more time in season 3 of Mando so I reserve the right to change my mind when I see where they go with her character.

So that’s my bet right now on who leads Mandalore: Grogu.

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  1. I never thought of Grogu ruling Mandalore. It’s possible, although he’s still a child and will be for quite a while, I think. I think Grogu will end up back with Din, though; they’re family. I think either Din or Bo-Katan will end up ruling Mandalore. I think Boba will help them, whoever ends up on top, but will have his hands full with Tatooine. That’s my theory, but who knows? Anything can happen, lol.

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