Ranking Batman Movies (So Far)

Since we are fast approaching The Batman, one of my most anticipated films of the year, I thought hey, let’s rank all the other Batman movies I’ve seen and then we can see where this one falls!

I am just judging the films I’ve seen in my lifetime (sorry Adam West! I’m not big on camp anyway… so I’m sure you know what films will likely be at the bottom of my list 🙂

Plus no small cameos by Batman a la Suicide Squad.


Batman and Robin

George Clooney was a forgettable Batman (and Bruce) in a movie that was definitely more camp but I tell you I must have blocked out of my mind what they did to Poison Ivy in this one…

And how I wish I could forget it all over again.

Lego Batman

It had it’s moments but I fell asleep in the theater (a couple of times) watching it and when I thought hey maybe I’m just tired, well I fell asleep repeatedly when I rented it to.

Batman Forever

Even though the style of these movies is not my cup of tea and Nicole Kidman’s character doesn’t age well, was just plain bad even then I still give Kilmer more credit than Clooney as Batman and at least Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones brought real energy to the characters.

Though it is so hard to judge the earlier versions since such wildly different (and in my opinion better) versions of the characters came between than and now.

Though I’m still waiting for a good live action Ivy.

Batman vs. Superman

Perhaps an unpopular opinion but even looking at the picture I can’t help remember how much I hated the suit. Just the suit alone was enough of a problem for me.

Plus the story was just so convoluted and messy even Henry couldn’t save this one for me… and he can do a lot for me with very little 🙂

I know there’s an extended edition that’s supposed to help but really you can’t rely on extended editions and life is short. I watched the Snyder cut that’s as much as I can take.


Batman 1989

Where does he get those amazing toys?

My very first Batman it does hold a special bit of nostalgia for me. But… I just don’t feel like it ages well (probably because there’s been so many since which is unfair I know but still…)

It’s just so hard for me to find that childhood thrill of seeing it for the first time when the next Batman-Joker duel would enthrall adult me and really help shape the scope of the comic book movie. I mean The Dark Knight being snubbed was one of the things that changed the Oscars!

But it’s still a fun film. I do like Keaton in the role.

Though honestly in both he gets out shun by his villains.

Batman Begins

Again the start of Christopher Nolan’s Trilogy is an enjoyable perfectly fine movie but compared to where it goes…

I do think Bale is great in both roles. The supporting cast is incredible! Freeman, Neeson, Oldman, Caine, Murphy… Holmes… well on that one they’d replace her anyway 🙂

Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Credit where credit is due I did like the movie and it was definitely better than the Whedon version. I finally understood why so many people stanned Affleck as Batman (though I still think he’s probably the best Bruce Wayne so far).

At least Bruce was as confused as I was when Martian Manhunter pointlessly shows up after the big battle and says hey, if you need me…

Like thanks?

Out of the Bat Cave: My Top 3 Batman Movies

Batman Returns

Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman was my childhood Catwoman and hence will always have my heart.

Is it unfair to put this so high because of her?

I don’t care. I actually do think Keaton really came into his own in both roles here and that was in large part, for me, due to his relationship with Selina Kyle. Plus the Penguin was at least suitably freaky to my young self.

The Dark Knight Rises

Apparently an “unpopular opinion” (ah it’s amazing how you never learn or care about your “unpopular” opinions until the Internet helpfully points out to you how wrong you are for having a personal emotional reaction to art.)

I loved the ending of this movie. It was emotional and uplifting. It brought both a fitting and still somehow hopeful end to Christian Bale’s time as Batman. Props for using A Tale of Two Cities quote. One of my favorites.

Once again the cast was excellent and everyone had some nice emotional moments. Plus I’m a sucker for anything Tom Hardy and when Bruce makes it out of the prison.

The Dark Knight

It’s hard to believe Bale’s Batman battled Heath Ledger’s Joker way back at the beginning of the comic book movies explosion. That happened in large part because of The Dark Knight and Ironman coming out in 2008.

Still the battle for Gotham’s soul between Batman and the Joker was riveting. (DC can be so frustrating but when they hit their highs it’s usually unforgettable!)

I have high hopes for the new Batman (although I have to be honest the excessive length- 2 hours and 47 minutes- is already an annoyance the majority of movies right now are unjustifiably bloated. That’s a rant for another day.) Still if there’s any shot at another Batman breaking into my top three it should be this one! Fingers crossed!

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  1. I love your point, “it’s amazing how you never learn or care about your “unpopular” opinions until the Internet helpfully points out to you how wrong you are for having a personal emotional reaction to art.” I wrote a piece about ‘Black Widow’ once where I explained why I thought it was the best the MCU has given us and it was for largely person reasons. But I kept explaining that in the piece, too! It’s odd to me how quickly we forget that as it’s really only our emotional connections to art that makes our relationship with any movie, TV show, novel, play, comic, piece of music, etc. last.

    Anyway, I loved this piece and ‘The Dark Knight’ still holds the #1 spot in my heart, too. Also, this piece made me sad as, when I considered the Batman movies you’d discuss at the top, I forgot to include ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ which, I’ll admit here on the internet, I really kinda loved XD. I hope you enjoy the new one! I just saw it the other day myself. I’ve a piece bouncing around in my head about it but we’ll see if/when I sit down to write about it.

    1. I haven’t been able to watch the new one yet 🙁 Some back and nerve damage does not mix well with these endlessly long Hollywood films these days. (Not going to lie I might have teared up a bit when I saw Doctor Strange’s runtime is imminently reasonable in comparison!) But it should be streaming in a fews weeks and I look forward to finally watching it and reading your thoughts!

      1. No, that would not mix well at all with the ever-expanding runtimes we have now. I’m sorry. And it seems like the movies just keep getting longer. If you’d’ve ever told me as a kid there would be an Avengers movie much less multiple Avengers movies much less an Avengers movie nearly three hours long I’d’ve thought you were insane. But yes – ‘The Batman’ will be streaming soon and I will be looking forward to reading your thoughts, too!

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