The Burning Sea

I watched The Burning Sea a couple of days ago when my attention span was shot but this film actually did manage to keep me intrigued for the whole ride.

It’s a rare disaster film that’s both big and intimate and I think that’s the part they do really well. Hollywood disaster movies could take note.

The Burning Sea is actually follows previous Norwegian films The Quake and The Wave (although me watching this one first I’m not sure if it’s an actual trilogy but I’m going to go check the other two out!)

Sofia is a submarine operator whose brought out to look for survivors when an oil rig goes down fast enough there might very well be some air pockets. Which… terrifying thought. What a horrible way to go!

Anyway Sofia and the oil company actually come to learn this wasn’t an accident but they’ve done so much drilling over the decades the sea floor is actually giving way and sliding and we are on the verge of an ecological disaster that would destroy generations.

Perhaps the most unbelievable parts of this movie is the idea that the company actually tries to do something about that 🙂

Anyway they do evacuate the rigs and stop drilling but it’s far too late.

I really liked this part of the film especially. But I find something suitably creepy about big empty seas and the oil rigs, when also empty or the way their shown as a looming creeping threat about to give way to said sea was subtle but effective.

And at this point the spill happens and Sofia’s boyfriend winds up getting himself stuck out there so some questionable (heroic?) decision making processes ensue.

I couldn’t help but think man Sofia really did not want to be stuck with that kid 🙂

Anyway I really enjoyed The Burning Sea. It’s a fun disaster ride that keeps things tight and moving in under two hours (something else Hollywood could stand to learn these days!) It’s a good flick for a Friday night/ weekend watch and it’s streaming so that’s helpful 🙂

Recommend: Yes.

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  1. Yeah but does it have Gerard Butler? We all know it’s not really a disaster movie if he isn’t in it… 😉

    Jokes aside, this sounds fun!! Also like the comment about companies actually doing something about it haha XD

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