Over Analyzing the Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer

Max at Billy's grave

Max: Dear Billy I don’t know if you can hear this…

Me: Well this is Hawkins so probably.

Let’s over-analyze the Stranger Things season 4 trailer because I’ve only been waiting what two and a half years??? Not to mention this is the season where we’ve been promised to delve into the Upside Down mythology and that makes me think…

This is going to be the Empire (Upside Down) Strikes Back season- especially since it’s the penultimate one!

the Hawkins gang


Dustin: People say Hawkins is cursed but they’re not way off.

I mean there had to be a reason they had that big old government testing site there in the first place right? We also know that aside from the site itself and the place under the mall that this new place Creel House, heavily featured in a couple trailers and once lived in by special guest star Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger himself) and his family for which it did not go well seems to have a door way in which our kids are…

Going through???

in the Upside Down

You would think that after everything these people have been through (as children and young adults no less) they’d be probably in real life total messes struggling to hang onto anything instead they are like…

Yeah, no lets just keep looking at all this crazy shit and going into scary monster ridden other dimensions because we are perfectly totally together.

Does Max have powers?

I saw a couple of people wonder about this…

Max levitates

I think this is just a typical haunting/possession? Someone’s trying to contact her/them. And later on when we see her running back to the doorway…

what's watching max in the upside down

Is it about to attack? Hard to tell. It kind of looks like it could have just been watching her. (But she and Steve are falling into a lot of water in this place…)

So that leads to our Big Bad of the Upside Down:

the vecna

See I was thinking that the lines in the beginning “You’re suffering is almost at an end…” was directed to someone specific.

Like someone whose body the Mind Flayer/Upside Down might possess for real into order to take Hawkins.

Probably not Freddy’s character considering the eyes in this thing are rather prominent and seemingly sad and he’s…

Robert Englund

So maybe it’s Billy?

Or Papa? I’ve heard Matthew Modine is coming back but it’s obvious from the trailer we’re getting some flashbacks so that could be that. Or maybe I’m just wrong and it’s no one we’ve seen before.

But this thing is called a Vecna according to the Duffer Brothers and is named after an extremely powerful Dungeons and Dragons character who has a magic eye and hand apparently…

Yeah I have no idea what that might mean. Apparently I’m going to need to read up on Dungeons and Dragons some more!

This dude is the Dungeons and Dragons master for the club the kids join…

the dungeon master in stranger things

I’m also pretty sure this is the guy playing his guitar in the middle of the Upside Down when I think it breaks through… Mrs. Wheeler and Holly also make a super quick appearance in the trailer which doesn’t give me a lot of hope for the residents of Hawkins either.

mrs. wheeler and holly

That poor kid.

We do get some Hopper in this trailer of course I thought this scene of fighting demigorgons was interesting because to me it looks like the beast is going over others in order to get to him…

the demigorgon

Either way I think Hawkins is doomed.

Season 4 Part One starts on May 27 which considering that’s the same weekend as Obi-Wan might be the greatest television weekend of this whole year 🙂 Not that I’m getting over excited or anything!

5 thoughts on “Over Analyzing the Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer

  1. The trailer was crazy. I wasn’t really able to follow most of it, but your theories are pretty good. Can’t wait to see it after all these years. Even though it’s been split up and we’re gonna have to wait another month for the rest.

    1. I wonder if that’s going to be the process going forward for all Netflix’s big shows. There’s been a lot of chatter that dumping everything all at once means the shows dip out faster than they would week to week. I have to say I prefer it like this though. More chance to stay on top of it before getting spoiled!

  2. the trailer was so confusing lol i am Very lost. i do agree with you though that i don’t think the scene with max means she’ll find out powers. i am also confused about all the new characters they introduced, though, because most of them are not in the trailer at all. i hope they find time to develop all of them in a satisfying way, because they do have a really good cast.

  3. I know almost nothing about this show as I have not watched it… HOWEVER I was drawn to this because you have to love over-analyzing things right? It’s a wonderful thing to do! Haha

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