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A Whole Lot of News: Dragons, Dune & Doctor Who

We got a trailer for House of the Dragon and I am so, so conflicted!

I told myself I was done with Westeros until Winds of Winter but I love this story. It’s wildly cinematic and not being written by Dan and David so there’s always hope. The trailer looks like they are nailing a lot…

But then there’s still so much I want to nitpick in the trailer not the least of which is the way they seem to be portraying the ages of the two main female characters. I also have to hope they don’t reduce this to just evil men trying to keep her off the throne because that’s far from the truth.

Corlys VO: History does not remember blood it remembers names.

Me: Ah, it tends to remember the names of the people that spilled the most blood but whatever…

Hopefully they don’t do a “Saint Tyrion” with Daemon who has the potential to be one of the best characters on television since well, season 1-3 Tyrion. (I do hate the slick backed hair but that’s the thing de-age a male character? eh, do something with their hair. De-age a female character? Cast someone a scant handful of years younger than them while casting sons around the same age as the “older” versions in the first place.)

But I saw enough and I love the dragons and Matt Smith enough I’m going to hold out some hope and give it a watch. If you do want to read the story it’s based on it’s called the Princess and the Queen- though the Dance of Dragons is expounded upon in Fire and Blood- which is still only the first part.

That’s right. He hasn’t finished that one either.

In other news about completed series (well if you don’t count the Brian Herbert books and I don’t) Christopher Walken has been cast as the Emperor in Dune Part 2. Which is…

I mean don’t get me wrong I like Walken but he’s just not a name that ever came to mind when I thought about it and performance wise I could really see it going either way. Speaking of Florence Pugh is apparently playing the Princess which kind of surprises me because it’s a really small role but hey maybe she just wants to work with Villeneuve? Who wouldn’t?

The trailer for her new film Don’t Worry Darling well I’m obsessed. I feel like if it works it’s going to be a top of the year kind of movie for me if it doesn’t crushing disappoint 🙂

A new trailer for The Boys season 3 which is only a scant few weeks away! I’m hopeful but I couldn’t help think season 2 got bumpier as it went along. I’m also really hoping it doesn’t turn into the Jensen Ackles show.

Lastly there’s been a bunch of news about Doctor Who including well a new Doctor. Most excitingly for me David Tennant and Catherine Tate are returning for the 60th anniversary special and I don’t really care what happens as long as they change the ending of her story- one of the most depressing things that ever happened on Who.

There’s even a new Rose now! Which I’ve heard some people speculating she could be the daughter of a former companion! Anyway Doctor Who has been a miss for a while for me in all honesty but I’m excited it could be swinging back to the must see category!

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