Pandora’s Jar in 10 Key Points

For absolutely no reason I’m going to see if I can talk about Pandora’s Jar- which looks at how the stories of Women in Greek Myth are presented through the ages in exactly ten bullet points and nothing more.

Because why not?

Starting Now:

Justice for Iphigenia!

Agamemnon got what he deserved!

The original myths aren’t perfect but in most cases it’s more modern retellings that removed the complexity and indeed the stories of the female characters.

If you are familiar with these stories you probably know most of the information.

Needs pictures.

Penelope is kind of boring. She deserved better. The slave girls certainly deserved better.

Where is the wildly expensive Troy streaming series? Come on HBO!

We need a cinematic adaptation of Penthesilea’s part in the Trojan War like now 🙂

The female Gods where some of the biggest misogynists. They were like the Cersei Lannister** of their day!

It was not Helen’s fault!

Recommend: Yes.

**Book Cersei or 2nd season Cersei not what came after.

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  1. This was a favorite of mine because I didn’t know many of these stories… but reading your style of review of it was so much fun 😍😍

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