Thor Love and Thunder & Other New Trailers

Valkyrie and Jane in Thor Love and Thunder

Seeing as how I’m one of the few people who had issues with Ragnarok (often feels like it anyway) and did not like the first teaser for this movie (and don’t even get me started on She-Hulk) color me a little surprised how much I loved the new official trailer for Thor Love and Thunder.

I mean honestly this might be one of the best trailers Marvel has ever put out.

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Everyone looks like they are having a blast.

The visuals look amazing…

beauty shots in Thor love and thunder

And Christian Bale as Gorr the God Killer. I am a big believer that even when I don’t like the films he’s in Christian Bale always knocks the performant out of the park. I mean he certainly looks good…

Gorr the God Killer

Plus if the black and white fight in the trailer is going to be the fight at the end and we aren’t going to get an over the top battle but God vs. God to the Death and hence a killer final act battle…

No, no I’m not going to get my hopes up. They also don’t even allude to certain things about Jane’s character arc which Taika said would be there previously it could be brutal. Not to mention it’s supposedly coming in at an hour and fifty-five minutes a miracle these days!!!

Thor in Black and White

Okay my hopes are up a little but if Taika can balance this (which was my biggest problem with the whiplash that was Ragnarok- hey let’s talk about war and imperialism and watch Hela cut through Asgard oh hey how about a space orgy joke??? Didn’t work for me.) he could knock this out of the park.

We also got a trailer for Mission Impossible 7 Dead Reckoning Part 1 which looks fine. I mean the Mission Impossibles for me are far better with Henry 🙂

And also for The Gray Man with Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans and Ana de Armas which makes me think again just to bring this back to Marvel- she’d make a great Sue Storm!

9 thoughts on “Thor Love and Thunder & Other New Trailers

  1. People say Thor: Love and Thunder will be another non-stop joke fest, but I do think there’s a sense of sincerity that the trailers are conveying. I’m just as optimistic as you are.

    1. Yeah I’m thinking if the relevant Jane story from the comics is in there we may not know (Thor may not know) until closer to the end of the film. The man surprised me by making Jojo Rabbit work. I have hope 🙂

  2. I’m optimistic and like you say, it looks like the new Thor is a film where everyone involve din making it is having a great time doing it.

    However the sense of humour Waititi often uses doesn’t work for me (similar with James Gunn, it’s just not my tastes), so I am cautious still.

    I think the female characters, Jane and Valkyrie in particular, are the parts I am most excited for, and I think that might be where the heart of the story is.

    1. They can be very hit or miss directors for me as well. Although I must admit usually even when I don’t like theirs movies I’ll still remember them 🙂 Hopefully this one will fall squarely in the like!

  3. I was fine with “Thor: Ragnorak” (except when his hair was cut). But maybe this will be good, too. Christian Bale sounds like he nailed his part well.

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