Where I Ramble about Homelander: Spoilers!

Homelander loses it

Watching the first four episodes of The Boys season 3 especially watching Homelander continue to steal the show I started to have the overwhelming thought, “How much further can we go with him?”

Especially with the news the series has been renewed for a season four.

Spoilers Below!

Don’t get me wrong I could watching Homelander villain it up all day long.

But starting with that excellent scene of his conversation with Butcher I couldn’t help think… we have to reach a climax soon right? They certainly seem to be setting it up despite the winning streak he seems on right now. Also they are really pushing that two of a kind they need each other Joker/Batman thing between the two of them (save for the fact Butcher is not exactly a law abiding or particularly friendly Batman right now.)

Giancarlo Esposito as Stan Edgar

Homelander has even beaten (momentarily I’m hoping) Stan Edgar and man that scene was awesome. I mean I could also listen to Giancarlo talk all day so I’m not complaining but the look on Homelander’s face when he realizes Stan is nonplussed and especially when he calls him “bad product” if Starr isn’t in the Emmy race… well you know how that goes.

Other top Homelander scenes on the building when he unravels at the news of Stormfront’s suicide and goes from that poor jumpers savior to murderer (which to be honest he didn’t really seem that interested in saving her anyway.)

Starlight and Homelander #Homelight

Also when he calls Starlight’s bluff on releasing the flight 37 tape because if it can’t be love he’s ‘okey-dokey with it being fear.’

Which leads me to the other epiphany I had that whatever Zack Snyder and DC might have been planning with bad Superman any future evil Superman movies can just hang it up now because I’m not sure they could ever top Homelander who does it so damn well.

Also is Obi-Wan Kenobi so disappointing (for me) because so much other content has been on fire right now?


Homelander and Maeve


But that’s a story for another day.

So that’s my Homelander ramble. I feel like we should be reaching the breaking point here you know the Kingpin goes to jail point? Although I honestly can’t imagine the show without him and if there’s one show that could prove me wrong it would be The Boys.

I assume Soldier Boy might provide the opening now seeing as how he can steal powers. But than again since Kimiko’s life is on the line I’m hoping he can only steal powers for a short period of time and since I don’t think Homelander can heal… would it work? Would he stay dead if it did?

And who would do it?

I’m assuming it would be Butcher but frankly there’s a long list of people who could kill him and it would still be satisfying.

Antony Starr as Homelander on the Boys

As long as it’s not The Deep or A-Train cause frankly those two I’m getting a little tired of anyway. Justice for Timothy!

And while I should know better than to watch this show while trying to eat my only real request so far is that they maybe calm down on the exploding bodies at least for a couple of episodes!

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