Stranger Things Finale Predications

Stranger Things season 4 finale (four hours!) is coming up this Friday and everyone is thinking a big death is coming- so naturally I wanted to get my predications in because I do have an out there theory on this penultimate season…

Whose new trailer I think is giving off some serious Empire Strikes Back vibes.

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The Definite Deaths

The ones I’d say are in the definite deaths are…

Brenner and Owens.

I pretty much don’t think anyone but El is getting out of that bunker alive.


I agree he hasn’t had much to do this season and they’ve been pushing a reunion between Steve and Nancy but I do think one of her sons would just kill Joyce and I’d like her and Hopper to be happy for a while.

But that’s just me if there’s going to be a time jump between season 4 and 5 as has been rumored maybe it will still work out.

The big money seems to be on:




I think Max, like Hopper, is safe for the rest of this season because we’ve already done that dance.

Problem is I like both Steve and Eddie. I’d love to see Eddie make it to 5 but I can’t get the image of him playing his guitar on the roof of the trailer in the upside down out of my mind. Eddie the loser suspected of doing the killings sacrificing his life to save everyone? I think it would work.


I mean it would hurt. Dustin and I would not let that happen easily 🙂 But also unless the actor wants to leave before the last season I don’t know… I just feel Steve Harrington at this point is almost as iconic a character as Eleven where Stranger Things is concerned. I think he has to make it to the last season.

Though I admit being beaten repeatedly bitten by demon bats from a hell dimension is probably not going to be good for him regardless.

So I say…


The Big Death

But my random theory for the big death?

I think they’ve been laying the ground work for the destruction of Hawkins as well. I mean the military guys outright said it might be time to burn it down and salt the Earth. Owens team definitely knows that the Upside Down is breaking through…

Plus we’ve seen a lot more of the parents, the cops, the towns people (I think that’s the whole point of Jason and the jocks overall) we also had liberally mentioned sprinkles of the town’s trauma, people believing Hawkins is cursed, etc, etc.

Not to mention the Duffer brothers do like to borrow from classic King of the time period and one of the things a lot of the movie and tv series leaves out (especially It) the towns either take massive damage or get destroyed.

So those are my pics: Brenner, Owens, and Eddie and possibly Hawkins. Maybe not this season but mark my words Hawkins is not getting out of this is in one piece.

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