Harley Quinn Returns Soon & Other News

Harley Quinn (the animated series) is coming back on July 28th!

And boy do I need her right now 🙂

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We got a great trailer to go with the date announcement. Lex Luther might just shit his pants 🙂 Honestly this show is worth the HBO Max subscription (and it will run right into House of the Dragon so you get a good couple of months!) But it’s the best version of Harley so far, my favorite version of Gotham City and the only version of Ivy worth talking about so far.

We might even see whether Warner Brothers went back on their stupid Batman doesn’t do oral stance.

And in news of other Harley’s the set pictures from Barbie are awesome. I don’t think there’s anything to spoilery but the fashion and I can’t wait even if the previously released picture of Ryan Gosling as Ken kind of scares me!

We don’t get Barbie until next summer.

But we did get a trailer for Hocus Pocus 2. That’s on Disney+ September 30th.

The next Ghostbusters movie is going to be Christmas 2023 and I haven’t heard anything but if they don’t do a riff on A Christmas Carol that would be a loss!

And in shows that I really like, that probably would be better in the fall or winter, Only Murders in the Building second season has started on Hulu. So far so good. First season is a very easy binge watch and more than worth it! I’m just hoping that despite all the other content, including the big summer stuff, that it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle!

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