Stranger Things Season 4 Character Rankings

Jim Hopper

Stranger Things season 4 is in the can and I love it! This may have been my favorite season since one! There’s so much to talk about, so much to speculate on and so many great character moments. Good thing to because it’s probably going to need to hold us over for a long wait until the final season!

So I played with Tier Maker and ranked all the characters as a stepping off point to talk about the season!

Spoilers! Spoiler! Spoilers Ahead!

My Ranks Are:


The A Team

B: Fine but Been Better

Getting on My Nerves

I Am Done (with them)

The B team are some of my overall favorites (Steve!) but I think they’ve all had better seasons with more to do.

Nancy would have been A team save the whole Steve thing and her and Jonathan’s relationship drama. Hopefully all 3 characters let it go in season 5 and move on with their lives.

I Am Done is pretty self-explanatory and luckily the show is also done with them 🙂

Eleven powers up again

The Papa stuff drug for me. I don’t think I’ve ever liked the character for obvious reasons. I will say though that the stuff where he tries gaslighting El and then the bit at the end where she very much does not absolve him even though she obviously feels something about his death really saved El’s story for me and pushed her up to a whole different level.

Unpopular Opinion?

Even leaving out the messy Will/Mike stuff the most Mike had to do was giving El a pep talk. It was well delivered- the acting on this show is top notch there’s not a problem with a single performance.

But his and Eleven’s relationship is still problematic to me. I can’t help but think his line about her ‘not needing him when she had her powers’ is rich. He kind of wasn’t great with her in the beginning when she didn’t have her powers and did need him. The story was different when she got said powers back and became his superhero again.

I think Mike needs to look deep inside himself and figure out why he really loves Eleven.


Lucas has a fantastic season. The early dance with the basketball team thankfully ended fast. He knows who his friends are. Not to mention how great he was with Max throughout the season the end when he fought Jason and Max still died in his arms… well he was heartbreaking.

Murray also has a great season. Yes he’s comic relief but damn did his karate skills come through for them! They freaking took a top secret Russian prison to save Hopper and we got Jopper! (At least some people are somewhat happy on this show!)

Joyce: You look look damn good and dropped the season 3 attitude! I am not losing you to some demon dog!

I have never related so much to Joyce Byers.

So since I kept this to mostly main characters the MVP’s should be obvious:

I admit it was the acting that gave some of the MVP’s the edge. In an excellent season for acting by the way! Some of the best parts being ad-libbed by the actors!

Jamie Campbell Bower was perfect as Henry-One-Vecna (and that was him in the suit!) menacing and yet somehow still broken. He just has one of those angelic/demonic faces that work so well.

And Max and El both went on emotional rides. It’s much discussed how great Sadie Sink is- especially the Dear Billy episode but that last scene at the end was heartbreaking. Especially when you take into account Eleven being there and realizing that while she had made it she had lost the most important part of the fight for her.

If they had a picture of Kate Bush she’s also definitely an MVP. Now the long wait for the final season begins 🙂

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    1. I like them more than her and Jonathon right now but the look on her face when he said six kids 😉 I don’t think any of them are really compatible right now!

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