My Favorite Marvel Comic-Con Rumors

Elizabeth Olson as the Scarlet Witch

Marvel is back in Hall H for Comic-Con this Saturday! While I can say a lot about the state of phase 4 there are some announcement rumors going around that are just too good to pass up talking about! Some of them I really love. One has been debunked (but not really I don’t think) and there’s a couple I think they should wait on.

But let’s talk about my favorite Marvel Comic-Con rumors and how I hope these are true! (So if Phase 4 is any indication so far I’m mostly going to be disappointed.)

Homelander or Dracula

One rumor is that Antony Starr is going to be announced as Dracula in the upcoming Blade movie. (You know that movie they announced in 2019 on a panel in which ever other announced project has already been released?)

Antony Starr as Homelander

People are debunking this one saying that The Boys goes back to work next month. The same time Blade is scheduled to start shooting (or in October depending on whose reporting.)

I say this is still in play.

The Boys has a big cast and productions have accommodated actors shooting schedules in the past. In fact I would say more often than not. Hell Paramount even let Henry Cavill go do reshoots for Justice League- they just wouldn’t let him shave his mustache. Plus Starr just Tweeted something about getting really busy soon. And if Blade is shooting next month Comic-Con would be a darned good time to announce this.

Guess: 85% I still lean toward true on this one.

So Much Stuff

It’s wild how many projects are on schedule or in production somewhere but since a lot of people, myself included, feel like phase 4 is a little all over the place… maybe Marvel should keep Comic-Con simple. I would put money on a Wakanda Forever trailer and a new one for She-Hulk. Antman, Guardians and The Marvels could do like a sizzle reel as they are done but not due until next year.

Iman Vellani as Ms. Marvel

But other than that maybe they should keep it simple.

Guess: They will not keep it simple.

House of Harkness Cast

This is another rumor I’m not so sure about but would love if it were somehow true.

Amy Poehler, Hannah Waddingham and Hunter Schafer are going to be in House of Harkness with the great Kathryn Hahn.

Kathryn Hahn as Agatha Harkness

Which if somehow this is true please let Poehler be the villain! I was always going to watch this for Hahn and I did like Agatha (though I’m not entirely sure either justifies a show in the overstuffed MCU). But if her and Amy Poehler are going to ham it up as fighting witches well I don’t think I even care what the show is about.

Although I think one thing they may want to do is find a way to bring back Wiccan and Speed through the show. Because if Young Avengers is a plan going forward I don’t see how they can justify it without the twins, especially Wiccan.

I’m not sure I’m buying this one though. One thing is Waddingham, though Ted Lasso is ending, she’s said in the past she doesn’t want to be far from her daughter and this would film in Atlanta. Although I’m sure the Marvel money and the chance to work with an awesome cast might help. I mean kids can go to school anywhere 🙂

Guess: I say this is only a 40% one for me. No matter how much I might love the idea. *Some places are saying this won’t get announced until D23 in August.

My favorite rumor (cause this post is already too long for me to get into Fantastic Four…)

Powell and Esposito for X-Men? Or?

Glenn Powell in Top Gun

Glen Powell and Giancarlo Esposito will be joining Marvel as Cyclops and Professor X. Love it!

Perfect! I hadn’t heard this rumor before this week but it’s perfect. Also Cyclops was lost in the Wolverine show that the Fox X-Men became. Perhaps understandably but Marvel has a chance to fix that now.

But where you ask?

Well that Deadpool 3 movie would be perfect. I thinking Powell and Reynolds would play off each other well. I mean I think they’re just stringing Reynolds along at this point but if it’s actually happening this Comic-Con would be the place to announce it. Could be why they made sure to drop ‘mutation’ somewhere else recently? (Trying to avoid the spoiler!)

Plus Ryan Reynolds is great at these things bring him out in character and let him make the announcements… ah my fan fiction head is obviously going wild.

I have recently heard rumors about Powell for Reed Richards. I like that one a lot less but will take it over the Jamie Dornan as Reed rumor that’s popped up recently.

Guess: 50/50 cause I’m having a rough one and want to be optimistic!

I think that Powell and Esposito could very well have been snapped up by Marvel. It’s just a question of where and when but I’m crossing my fingers for the X-Men. I guess will see on Saturday night!

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