House of the Dragon Official Trailer: I Am Right Back In

We got the first full official trailer for House of the Dragon today!

And while I will never get over my GOT disappointment (which started in like season 3 to be honest) I’m super happy with what I see so far!

Mostly dragons!

I love the source material for this story as well but there are so many brilliant beautiful dragons coming 🙂 Plus I watched a behind the scenes the other day where Matt Smith and Eve Best where talking about their characters relations to their dragons as being one in the same and extensions of each other. Fantastic! Since they are playing two of the best riders of the day especially good that they get it!

Also Alicent! Will I hate her as much as I did in the source material? We shall see.

One thing that still worries me just a little is they are telling this story linearly according to the show runners. So I do think it’s kind of odd that most of the actors seem to be playing their parts straight through despite some pretty big time jumps. But Rhaenyra and Alicent are played by different actors. (Who aren’t really that much younger than the ones playing the ‘older’ versions.)

We’ll have to see how it goes but so far I’m happy. Matt Smith, great music and a heap of awesome dragons will go a long way to cover any nitpicks I may have.

House of the Dragon debuts on August 21st.

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