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Comic-Con Wrap-Up: Marvel News

the musical avengers

I have so many thoughts on the Comic-Con Marvel news I’m doing two posts. A comic-con wrap up Marvel & than one for everything else! On the Marvel front part of me thinks its still too much stuff and another part of me is happy enough about the big stuff that I’m willing to put up with the appetizers.

If that makes any sense…

It’s Monday you know?

The Amazing

The Wakanda Forever teaser is first rate!

Amazing use of music. Angela Bassett is the Queen! Namor/Atlantis looks better than I thought they would… Just aces all the way around. Plus it has Winston Duke so 😉

The teaser manages somehow to achieve both memorial and remembrance and celebration.

As to the big question- whose the new Black Panther?

I know everyone thinks it’s going to be Shuri. But I’m putting money on Nakia or Kilmonger being alive still but I’m thinking Nakia.

The Good Idea or Bad Idea?

I’m not overly happy with what they did with Kingpin in Hawkeye but always willing to see where it goes. However I just don’t know about this Born Again announcement. If they are talking about the comic (and not like hey Daredevil is born again on Disney+) it’s about as dark as you can get.

Also they hit a lot of those beats in season 3 of Daredevil and…

Content aside nothing on Disney+ so far (or the writers for that matter) have made me think they can hit those highs. To be fair season 3 of Daredevil I feel is still some of the best genre content of all time in my opinion.

So I will hope but worry.

Two Avenger Movies

Well we have been saying where are the Avenger’s Feige?

Two movies are coming in 2025 plenty of time for speculation about whose going to make up the teams. The first one is Avengers The Kang Dynasty. I know little about Kang but I’m imagining like forty Jonathan Majors running around so I’m happy 🙂

The second one is Secrets Wars which should be a lot of fun! But so far away from now and with no promise of multiple Majors I can’t really get excited for it!

Speaking of Secret Invasion

I know some footage was played in Hall H and it promises to be very good. It’s definitely the cast I’m most excited for…

But it seems like it’s just going to be a show which short changes secret invasion a lot. Although I must say almost nothing was said about The Marvels compared to the other films coming out next year. So maybe those two will be wrapped together. Secret Invasion could very well lead into The Marvels.

She Hulk

We also got a new, and probably final, She Hulk trailer.

And look suspension of disbelief/ the breaking point is different for everyone. If the CGI isn’t bothering you… cool. For me the most bothersome part is that some shoots she looks fine and others it’s just too off.

Plus why make her better at everything than the Hulk? I mean sure agile and yoga that makes sense considering forms. But really we’re going with stronger now to? Hulk just doesn’t get any respect.

I love Maslany whose one of the best actresses around, seriously watch Orphan Black if you never have, so I’ll give it a shot just for that but this one definitely remains the most iffy for me.

And that’s pretty much sums up the comic-con Marvel related news! Though hopefully they release the Guardians trailer soon because I’ve heard really good things. No Fantastic Four cast announcement but I think that will be D23 at the end of August so plenty of time to speculate.

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