The Booker Prize Long List

Belle with a Book

The Booker Prize long list nominations for 2022 are here!

I know! I know! But the Booker is my tied with the Women’s Prize for favorite book selections of the year. Though I have to say I read more of the Women’s Prize list this year to very, very meh results.

Hopefully the Booker will go better.

Among some of the most interesting sounding reads this year:

The Colony

This one seems like the book I’m already hearing the most rave reviews about. And it’s Irish so that’s a win for me.

Small Things Like These

Also Irish apparently. And very, very short which is a good thing because the Booker Prize moves pretty fast.

Booth by Karen Joy Fowler

Booth is about the family and life of John Wilkes Booth Lincoln’s infamous assassin.


Nightcrawling has been making the rounds recently. It’s about a young girl who gets into prostitution as a way to support herself and her brother and becomes badly entangled with corrupt cops.

Hopefully I can get to these and a couple more. It looks like all but one are already available.

Although I do question how much of an announcement this really is when the books already have the stickers on them! (Boo book stickers! Even for prizes!) And some YouTubers already have the full set with the stickers the morning of the announcement 🙂

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