The Sea Beast

Jacob and Maisie in The Sea Beast

The Sea Beast is basically about Karl Urban’s character adopting a child by accident. He’s a grumpy monster hunter. She’s an adorable spirited sprite. It goes a lot better than his adoption of Hughie over on The Boys.

Or Hughie adopting him? However you want to take it.

The one thing I took away from The Sea Beast…

the kingdom of The Sea Beast

I would totally live in the kingdom. I admit I don’t really pay attention to places in animation but look how beautiful this one is!

Yes they are sending people out to their deaths in this war with the sea beasts but still… so pretty.

Sea Beasts attack

The Sea Beast in terms of like plot and character is not going to offer many surprises. It goes where you think it’s going.

But I did think the animation was beautiful and interesting. The performances across the board really good. Jared Harris is also in this thing! And it does have a nice message even if you can pretty much guess what that message is going to be.

It probably leans a little towards kids but hey I stayed awake in this one! Which is more than I can say for the first forty-five minutes of DC Superpets 🙂

Recommend: Yes.

The Sea Beast is streaming on Netflix.

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