Why We Need the Bat Fam!

Leslie Grace as Batgirl
Image from HBO Max

The cancellation of Batgirl is a bummer for me. I really like the cast and what I’ve seen of the directors other work has made me really excited.

Granted it’s written by Christina Hodson my mortal screenwriting comic book movie entity. But that’s a whole other story. Anyway the bigger picture is I was really looking forward to seeing the Bat family in live action. I honestly think Batman and the DCEU need the and I’ll give you 5 reasons why we need the Bat Fam.

Batman is Boring

Lego Batman

Okay, okay I know what you’re thinking. Didn’t we just have a highly successful Batman movie? Yes. And Pattinson was good. But at heart we still always get the same cycle of misery. He’s just a little younger this time.

Hell they even threw in a Joker scene! It got deleted sure but that’s still where they went. Batman in the films can be more than what we’re getting! We don’t have to go full camp but the Bat Family would be really good at getting facets of his personality that we haven’t seen in the films.

I would put out there that a Leslie Grace Batgirl (not written by Hodson) could work in a Pattinson Batman film. Just saying Matt Reeves.

More Story Ideas

Batman and Robin

Don’t we all want to see Pattinson go to the circus and adopt an orphan acrobat?


Me neither on that one.

But it’s just natural that along with characters that haven’t really been explored yet in the films (and parts of Batman’s personality) they’d offer different stories. I mean I am shocked, shocked that they haven’t tried to set up The Killing Joke yet amongst all the other stories that they’d provide.

Batgirl in Harley Quinn

Watch the Harley Quinn Show for Proof

I mean just watch the Harley Quinn show anyway before Discovery/HBOMax/ Whatever they are does that one in to.

Not only is the show hysterical they’ve introduced several members of the Bat family that work wonderful. A first-rate Batgirl, a hysterical brat of a young Damien, a bad ass Alfred and a totally moody Nightwing. The show characters are definitely a little too much for what they seem to want the DCEU films to be (dark, dark, dark) but it’s proof that the family can work. It’s proof that even as supporting characters they can bring out the best in Batman and each other.

It just works.

Don’t Forget Poison Ivy

But Gemma she’s not part of the Bat family?

I know. I know.

But I had to put it out there to the universe because at the rate we’re going we’ll never see a live action Ivy!

My luck the announcement would go something like this:

Discovery: We are moving forward with a live action Poison Ivy movie…

Me: Oh my God! Yes! Finally.

Discovery: To be written by Birds of Prey writer Christina Hodson.


Poison Ivy in Harley Quinn

Also she could totally fight or be anti-heroes with a member of the Bat family. See? I brought it back around to the topic!

So Many Spinoffs

Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne

Considering they started announcing spinoffs of The Batman before it even released I’m surprised Hollywood has been so slow to milk the Bat family dry.

It’s comics there’s so many spinoffs and offshoots you could do if you get a really good start. Have them go off on their own (make a Birds of Prey with you know the actual characters) there’s so many places you could go! It’s mass untapped potential and money but I guess they just don’t care?

At this point it doesn’t seem like there’s any plans for the Bat Family outside of Harley Quinn. Matt Reeves seems like a good one to do it. James Gunn is also working on several different projects. And who knows what the (now confirmed) Joker/Harley musical has in store for us. But I do hope to see the family soon! I think it would benefit the DC as a whole 🙂

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