Thoughts on She Hulk’s Premiere from a Cynic

She Hulk credit art

So I have been a bit of a She Hulk cynic since the first trailer. The CGI taking me out of it both times. I’m not a big fan of her design either. But when I sat down and watched the first episode… I was nicely surprised. It still had problems but I am much more in than I thought I would be.

Tatiana Maslany as Jenn Walters

For the most part I could flow with the iffy CGI and that’s as much a testament to the Uber-talented Tatiana Maslany as anything else. There were moments but overall she made it work and I could just swallow my disbelief.

Most of this episode Jenn is her with her cousin. Maslany and Mark Ruffalo have great chemistry. I enjoyed Bruce getting more character development for the Hulk than we’ve ever gotten.

Plus I like how they mentioned the bigger picture and it not being all glum and doom. Yes let’s debate if Captain America is a virgin. I also loved the line about Tony sitting around drinking and complaining about Steve while Hulk built the bar.

Hulk and She Hulk

Which I guess leaves the question did I like this because of Jenn or because of Bruce/Hulk? I mean I can appreciate her character but right now that kind of psychological depth decades of trauma is all him. Plus the tease of the spaceship possibly looking for him I’m like… yes, give me more Hulk.

The two Hulks fighting was very well done. It both looked good and felt like two family members fighting.

The humor is mostly hit and miss for me. Which it is Marvel so that’s expected. Again though the humor that mostly landed was the familial stuff and the references to the bigger universe. So that may be something to consider.

Smart Hulk in his lab

I definitely think this premiere needed a two episode drop because I did not like any of the courtroom stuff. Titania’s whole look is just so… ugh. On top of that their fight (while admittedly rushed) looked awful.

I’m also not thrilled about the rumors Titania is just an awful influencer whose jealous of She Hulk- which doesn’t make sense concerning her attack in the courtroom at that point. Yeah. It just needed more context and better execution.

Titania storms the room in She Hulk

And a better look. A lot better look. I’m not sure what kind of big time influencer would wear that outfit but sure, whatever.

So overall She Hulk is rocky. But far better than I thought it would be so I’m hopeful. More hopeful than when I saw the previews 🙂 And I’m looking forward (tentatively) to what’s coming!

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  1. Nice review! I’m also a little on the edge for She-Hulk. The CGI isn’t great but it doesn’t bother me too much. I’m hoping Marvel will be able to pull through, but Tatiana definitely has a bold and bright enough personality to pull it off (hopefully!)

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