Only Murders Season 2 Messy but Still a Ton of Fun

Mabel, Oliver and Charles sneak around in Only Murders

Only Murders in the Building just wrapped up season 2 and we did get answers. The season was a little messy but honestly I love the characters so much I’m happy to hang out with them even if they are off track.

And that’s not to say we didn’t get answers. We did.

And a surprise!

Who Killed Bunny? Occasionally and Eventually

Oliver, Charles and Bloody Mabel in Only Murders in the Building

So season 2 was about who killed Bunny? The cranky old neighbor lady and head of the building association.

Not too mention whoever killed her it seemed was trying hard (in the beginning at least) to frame Oliver, Mabel and Charles. So naturally they needed to solve this mystery. The Bunny’s Last Day episode was my favorite of the season and it’s ending with the realization that she had been reaching out actually brought tears to my eyes.

But while on the one hand I did love the mix character study/slice of life it felt a lot like a veer off midseason. Delving into things that really didn’t pay off. And I mean not everything has to pay off like I said I’m happy to spend time and get to know these people (it’s almost like a book of short stories) but I did also feel we were losing track of the mystery.

The Guest Stars

who killed Bunny Folger

Charles sort of step daughter Lucy turned out to be adorable and I’m glad she seems to be sticking around. Amy Schumer wasn’t terrible in two episodes but it did bring up the point that for Oliver a big part of solving the mystery was her buying the rights to it and that just… got dropped.

It got dropped for the wonderful elevator scenes with Nathan Lane. I was happy to see him and Teddy back so that’s only a good thing. Plus he and Martin Short have great chemistry and the characters so much messy history it worked better than Amy. But then you have to ask why bother for two episodes?

I could say the same about Jan’s reappearance for two episodes but honestly Amy Ryan has so much fun in this role… You could probably get me to watch more Jan episodes. If only they could somehow mold Tatiana Maslany into this show defending Jan or something.

My favorite guest star however was the absolutely wonderful Shirley MacLaine who still kills it.

So the Resolution

Selena Gomez as Mabel Mora

I’m not going to give it away. Just like the season as a whole though I thought it worked brilliantly actually in the bigger picture. But it’s in the details it starts to fall apart or at least get messy.

I still want to know how so many people could know about the passageways between apartments but Charles and Oliver who lived there decades don’t. Not to mention Mabel who spent her childhood there stealing from other apartments with her friends including the super’s son. And actually Lucy played in the walls with a neighbor girl too so Charles really should have known.

Anyway secret entrances into my apartment and passageways… I’m packing my bags.

But that’s my overall thoughts on the season. Still one of the most purely enjoyable things I’ve watched all year. But the mystery could have used some more time and finesse.

The Next Murder

Martin Short and Steve Martin in Only Murders in the Building

Of course it had to end with a murder. And probably the biggest one yet! Again I don’t want to give too much away but I think the theater element coming into play could make season 3 the most interesting season yet.

Recommend Only Murders Season 2: Yes!

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