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Werewolf by Night: Marvel’s Best in Ages

I went into Werewolf by Night not knowing what to expect and honestly… one of my favorite MCU properties in years. Probably top 3 if I ever actually think about a list.

Honestly it was a quick hour that made every second of story-telling count and I want more of Elsa, Jack and monster hunting. Jeez I watch this and wonder why they are apparently having such a hard time getting Blade together because it can be done.

Werewolf by Night is about a bunch of monster hunters gathering in a hunt that will win them the magical Bloodstone. Two of the big hunters are Jack- who we are told has over a hundred deaths to him even though he seems like a sweet cinnamon roll. And Elsa- estranged daughter of the previous owner of the Bloodstone.

Who might be one of my new Marvel favs.

There’s some twists and fun stuff but it’s better to go into this one without knowing anything. Much more delightful that way.

But I just loved the old school forties horror movie feel to it. The use of black and white, color, the music and practical effects just made it work. Laura Donnelly and Gael Garcia Bernal were great as was the rest of the cast. So overall just aces on this one Marvel. You can tell a good, fun story without sky beams, world-ending stakes and it doesn’t have to be three hours long or even fourth-wall breaking! Okay?


Do more of this.

And please, please bring back Elsa and Jack and Ted 🙂

Recommend: Yes.

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