Enola Holmes 2

Millie Bobby Brown as Enola Holmes

Enola Holmes 2… so honestly I found it as charming and fun as the first. For the most part. But it had more Henry 🙂 so that’s always going to be a point in a projects favor. Unfortunately things related to Sherlock also happened to be the problems with it. So mixed bag on that account.

So we pick up with Enola in London. She’s opened her own detective agency but cannot get out of the shadow of her brother. She also kind of hangs around in the park watching Tewkesbury walk to and from work sometimes. And while I freely admit that would be wrong and unsettling the two of them are so damned cute I’m a total shipper.

I mean I hope Enola Holmes 3 is the wedding.

This movies mystery is a missing match girl who Enola finds out is also wanted for theft and blackmail. Or so they say…

Lord Tewkesbury

Said mystery is actually pretty interesting and brings in some real world elements that were rather moving. One of the characters actually is based on a real historical figure though I assume she never actually disappeared and was looked for by Sherlock’s sister. Anyway the missing girl mystery interacts with Sherlock’s missing money case and hijinks ensure.

So mystery, music, costuming all fun. The cast as charming as ever- especially Millie Bobby Brown.

There’s even a moment where Eudoria questions some of her parenting choices which I am totally here for. I mean it’s only a moment but character growth.

Enola and Eudoria

What mostly didn’t work for me?

Sadly it has to do with Sherlock and them deciding to shove in some nods to the original early Sherlock stories. Once in a way that wasn’t so big but the other in a very big, very big unnecessary monologue way that kind of took me out of the ending and left me like, “Why? Why? Aren’t we past this point in Sherlock’s life?”

And that’s me trying to be not spoilery.

I also think Enola could have been a little nicer to her brother but hey I understand where she’s coming from. It’s just Henry so naturally when am I not going to want to hug him? And Sherlock does kind of need a hug in this one.

Recommend: Yes.

It’s good fun despite some things I didn’t love. If they keep going with this cast and team I’ll definitely keep watching. Although I’m not sure Netflix is going to want to play with Henry Cavill anymore.

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