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Wednesday: A Fun, Binge Worthy Good Time

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams
Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams

I wasn’t overly familiar with Jenna Ortega before she took on the iconic Wednesday Addams but after having binged the whole series (rare for me) she absolutely smashed it! And I honestly don’t think she blinked in eight episodes.

The whole show was a fun time and considering what a success it seems to be for Netflix I can say with optimism I can’t wait for season 2.

So after getting kicked out of another school for violence against bullies Wednesday is off to boarding school. Specifically Nevermore a school for outcasts that happens to be the one her parents attended and indeed her mother was something of the Queen Bee.

Wednesday is like yeah I’ll be out of here in a week but luckily a strong principal, a fun roommate, a couple of cute boys and mostly a murder mystery involving a monster changes her mind.

I generally liked everyone in the show. Ortega is tops but all the students measured up. Especially her relationship with her roommate, Enid. I mean you know where it’s going but it’s delightful. I was invested in the school and the town. Also Thing enjoying boarding school was awesome and this is actually the most I’ve ever liked Uncle Fester even in the movies where he was never a favorite part of mine!

As to the mystery?

I was a little worried to be honest. I figured out 1899 in the first episode and really didn’t have any desire to see it through. This is one of those where yeah, you know what’s going on and they don’t keep important information from you, but the details are shady enough that it keeps you guessing.

Wednesday has two different potential suitors in this one and honestly that was probably my least favorite part of the show. Especially since they both get a little possessive with her at times for no good reason. I do however like the Xavier guy and think there’s an interesting character there.

I will say some of the things that bothered me about both relationships do get ironed out as the show goes on. But still I’d rather see Wednesday with Thing, Enid, Bianca and Eugene as those budding relationships hit much deeper than the others.

Also props that Christina Ricci is actually given something to do in the show and is not just a hat tip to the fans.

I will say this version of Morticia and Gomez felt off compared to the films I grew up with.

The actors were fine and I did like Wednesday’s rocky relationship with her mother. It just felt weird. Strangely there’s a flashback in one episode where I thought the two teenage actors did a better job portraying the Gomez and Morticia I love from the films but not necessarily a great job of this show version. It takes some getting used to but they aren’t in it a lot so there’s that.

Overall I had a great time with Wednesday. It’s a fun, binge-worthy entertaining take on the iconic character. And I will definitely be looking forward to a season 2.

Recommend Wednesday: Yes.

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