Looking Ahead: 2023 is the Year of…

Grogu Returns

Happy New Year Everyone!

I thought it would be a fun time to look ahead to some of the movies and shows that are in store for this year 🙂 Something to put on the calendar and look forward to in the rest of the long days of winter.

2023 is the year of…

Kang and Barbie.

Honestly could be quite a power couple. I kind of want to write some fan fiction now.

Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania comes out February 17th (Birthday Movie!!!)

Barbie is July 21th

Pedro Pascal in The Mandalorian

The Guardians Return to the big screen on May 5th (though the holiday special was one of the best things I saw last year.) Meanwhile Din and Grogu finally return (March 1st) in their own show not the best part of someone else’s 🙂

Speaking of shows Loki will return hopefully with less romance and more time travel shenanigans. Plus I assume we’re going to get Owen Wilson on a waterski eventually!

We also get a new season of Shadow and Bone (March 16th) and season 3 of The Witcher (probably this summer) which better get my Henry fix while I can I suppose. Secret Invasion should be happening sometime soon (Spring is the rumor) but it’s been awfully low key for such a big story. Something better happen in it.

Adam Driver in 65

And on March 17th Adam Driver will be fighting dinosaurs in 65 which is not something I knew existed but now cannot wait baby!

And of course the big one in movies all the way in the fall which feels so far away! Dune Chapter 2!

Paul Atreides in Dune

Slated for November 3rd.

Me: Please let Denis Villeneuve make Dune Messiah…

(Remembers this is Warner Brothers we are talking about.)

Me: Please don’t let them do anything to Dune Chapter 2…

We might even see Aquaman this year. Who knows? And much like The Witcher I’ll have to take my Jason fix where I can but lots of good films and television ahead (hopefully!) I’ll have to do books in a separate post cause unsurprisingly there’s a lot of them! But I do hope everyone had a great New Years! And a happy 2023 ahead 🙂

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    1. I have high hopes for Barbie 🙂 Though I got to say Margot Robbie isn’t picking great stuff recently I hope this breaks the streak!

  1. I love Greta Gerwig films, especially when she directs, so Barbie is one I’m very excited for! As a DC fan, it’s a turbulent time, but I’m certainly excited for those four films too, plus following the ongoing decisions of Gunn/Safran. Also, I’m looking forward to the UK release of Pearl in March and Scream 6, which is also in March! Though it’s disappointing that they refused to pay Neve Campbell the money to come back again.

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