Troll: When Disaster Movie meets Fairy Tale

Troll the Movie

I actually really enjoyed Troll- it’s every disaster movie trope crammed into one movie. Which also happens to be a dark fairy tale.

I mean sure there are parts that I cringed a bit. Parts that I actually teared up but still a totally fun watch. Pretty much any time someone tells me there’s a disaster film out of Norway I’m going to be like sign me up!

So we follow Nora a paleontologist whose father also happens to have been a bit of a troll conspiracy theorist that was committed when she was a child. (Crazy dude who knows the truth but gets railroaded? Check.) She’s called in when our Troll bursts out of the mountains where they are digging a tunnel for a train line.

Nora in Troll

So basically we get a bit where the troll is super good at hiding but then once everyone faces the truth…


Nora meet Troll
This is why you don’t have loud arguments with family members in the wild okay? You may be disturbing resting trolls.

It’s up to Nora, her not that crazy dad, a handsome solider and a dorky government aide who wants to be a writer to save the day. After you know a few big confrontations between a scared and out of time and place dwarf and the scared and what the hell is happening humans…

And if trolls are real think about the implications! Mermaids might just be one diving adventure away!

Kris and Andreas in Troll

Troll is fun.

It pulls from a lot of other movies (hence the drops) King Kong gets a call out. And despite the references they’ve obviously never seen another disaster movie. Why? Why do people feel the need to fly helicopters around the heads of these creatures as though no one has ever heard of massive arms length?

And honestly just like those movies I was rooting for the troll!

Also I watched like the first 15 minutes in English before switching it back. Honestly the dubbing was so good (at least up to that point) I wondered if they just did it in English this time.

Troll meet helicopters

Troll is a fun two hours that you can currently find on Netflix so it’s a win all around. I mean unless you live any place a troll decides to go for a stroll. That would not be a win.

Recommend: Yes.

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