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Films from Around the World (2022 List)

Supergirl at the Movies

Much like reading I’ve made it a goal to watch more international films. In 2022 I did a darned good job considering in the past I’ve usually only watched one or two subtitled films a year. Last year I did 11. Well 11 1/2 but I didn’t finish one so I’m not counting it and I’ve already watched one this year so I’m off to a pretty good start 🙂

I’ve gone back and forth about how I want to count these- just subtitled? Clearly from other countries even if it’s in English? I think for now I’m going to go with the movies from other countries and just make sure to watch them in the original language if that’s an option.

Anyway however you want to define it I had a good time with it and watched some good films. As always I’m open to recommendations.

I already talked about a couple of films…


The Wave, The Quake & The Burning Sea are about a tsunami, an earthquake and a terrible oil spill. I enjoyed all of them but The Wave was the best and I’m still not happy about that death in The Quake. Plus nothing is going to beat Troll out for disaster films anytime soon.


I also talked about Parallel Mothers starring Penelope Cruz and I still contend she was robbed of that Best Actress Oscar. No offense to Jessica Chastain. It’s kind of soap opera overly dramatic but also really a good film and Cruz especially keeps it compelling.


I also watched Delicious about what was perhaps the first restaurant in France. I remember not loving the romance but it was a beautiful film about food and I still contend you can’t go wrong with that.

Since I liked all of the above films I’m going to keep going with the films I liked and would recommend.


I’m Your Man is about a scientist who participates in testing AI robots as the perfect partners. Dan Stevens best role as the AI! Also I really thought her reactions and their relationship was actually very believable.

Well as much as you can fathom believability in a situation like this.

Did not love the end though but that didn’t take away from the rest of the film. Definitely worth a watch!


Writing with Fire is such a good documentary absolutely fearless, inspiring female journalists at a women-only news outlet. I’m not always the best at documentaries but it was truly inspiring to see their lives the many different obstacles in their way from real dangers to the trying to move everything on line.

This might be a good time to say that if you are looking for good suggestions for international films that are likely easy to find- the Oscar nominations are a good place to start!

100% would recommend checking out Writing with Fire!

Denmark (France, Norway, Sweden)

Speaking of the Oscars (and being robbed at them) Flee was nominated in 3 different categories and should have very well won one of them in my opinion.

It’s an animated (with sometimes live clips) story of Amin Nawabi who on the verge of marriage confronts his past. And his families travails as they were forced to flee Afghanistan and who he wound up in Denmark with a lie that helped keep him safe in the country.

A film very much worth watching and a very moving story.


The Worst Person in the World is about a woman facing life decisions and really never feelings like she participates in her own life. Honestly I liked the film though I did think from the trailers I’d relate to the character a lot more.

And hey that’s not important but still it was an expectation. At least I truly did not find her to be the worst person in the world. Also there’s a cancer storyline that I didn’t expect that had me in tears and I’m still not sure I fully understood parts of the ending. But despite all that I’m glad I watched it nevertheless.

And yes I’m realizing that rather inadvertently (or because it’s very enjoyable) I gravitate towards a lot of films from Norway.


Belle is an absolutely beautiful animated film about finding understanding and belonging in this futuristic on-line world. I like 90% enjoyed the hell out of this. The film is absolutely beautiful in parts and I really liked the music.

I also liked the little bits about the mother and some comments on that you wouldn’t hear in others movies but I don’t want to get spoilery.

The only thing I didn’t love about Belle was the ending. Like why would you let a child go off to another city alone to do what she was planning to do! Why?


It’s kind of sad that of all the films Pompo: the Cinephile was probably my least favorite. Especially since it’s about the love and passion of and for cinema.

Mostly what I remember about this one was Pompo as high energy annoying. She’s a producer who looks and seems 12 who hires her assistant to direct a script he’s found. She’s high energy annoying. He’s low energy annoying and it just didn’t work for me. There’s definitely better films about the love of cinema. But in it’s defense it is short and fast so I did finish and it wasn’t awful. Just not my cup of tea.

So overall I had a good run and I’m hoping to branch out more in 2023!

I know I definitely, finally have to watch RRR 🙂

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