Harley Quinn has a Very Problematic Valentine’s Day Coming…

Harley Quinn causing romantic trouble

Darkseid is… in love…

Harley Quinn dropped a trailer for her surprise (at least too me) Valentine’s Day special and finally a Valentine’s Day event I can get behind!

The special drops on HBO Max February 9th! A few days before my birthday 🙂

And as much as I love Harley and Ivy they’ve done such a great job with the world building in this show that I love their takes on other characters just as much.

Kite Man in love

Nice to see Kite Man happy. And Bane… wants a bigger penis apparently?

I’m glad it seems (so far) Gunn and Safran aren’t messing with the HBOMAX shows… yet. Because honestly this take on Harley and Ivy is what should form the basis for whatever movies might go forward and why do they look so good here?

Harley and Ivy in a Very Problematic Valentine's Day special

I mean it’s animated and all I can think is where can I buy Ivy’s coat!

Also I kind of wish Marvel would take a chance and at least get a little bit this crazy. Hopefully Deadpool will provide 🙂

2 thoughts on “Harley Quinn has a Very Problematic Valentine’s Day Coming…

  1. 1,000x YES. I couldn’t agree more. And it would be amazing to see Marvel try something like this. The MCU’s formula works, yes. But a bit of narrative diversity never hurts either. I’ve seen both James Gunn and Peter Safran confirm a few times on social media in the last few weeks that HBO Max’s ‘Harley Quinn’ is staying and it’s staying just as it is. While there’s always a little part of me that worries, I do breath a bit easier each time I see that! Fingers crossed it stays true.

    1. I keep forgetting Gunn actually did voice work on Harley Quinn so I imagine it’s hard to fire your friends 🙂

      Though I do sincerely hope if they ever get around to a live-action Gotham City Sirens he brings in those writers. They got the Harley/Ivy dynamic so well!

      Marvel desperately needs to start mixing it up narratively. Hopefully after the latest Antman they’ve learned that lesson.

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