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The Princess and the Scoundrel

I read The Princess and the Scoundrel, a book about Han and Leia’s marriage and honeymoon, and wow. I spent the whole book thinking, I can see why this marriage did not work. I’m surprised it lasted through the book to be honest. It’s kind of depressing. I couldn’t help wonder if that was part of the goal to explain why it didn’t work out but then again it didn’t feel like it. I think I was supposed to find it romantic.

To be fair this book has its moments. It attempted to deal with Han’s PTSD about being frozen in carbonite for a year. And probably dealt more with Leia’s thoughts on Vader and the force- which made me happy. Even though it felt like both were going in circles. I mean trauma doesn’t end in one book.

Also the Ewoks were adorable.

I love the Ewoks always have, always will.

The honeymoon is pretty much forced on Leia by Mon because she (Leia) can’t turn off. Of course said honeymoon is also about public relations while Han just wants to have a good time. I did appreciate they even implied some sexy times even if it stayed very Disney. I mean I do understand what I’m reading.

But as to the public relations things one of the reasons I put off reading this book for so long was it’s use of the Halcyon Starcruiser which is of course the same one at Disney World. The one you pay a lot of money for an experience. It’s not so in your face in the book. But it was something I couldn’t quiet put to the back of my mind when they were talking about the ship.

Honestly I would have rather they stayed on the Falcon. The back and forth about the changes he was making for her was one of their cutest exchanges.

Lastly in all honesty I kind of disliked Leia here. I get the workaholic not wanting to deal with her feelings. But there’s a moment it becomes too much. Here she puts a lot of people in danger by selfishly manipulating the Captain to change course in order to meet with a person whose message to her, even she recognizes, was sketchy. And instead of ever being called out on putting people in actual danger they didn’t need to be the narrative of course lets her off the hook.

She did it for the greater good of the burgeoning republic after all. (I wanted to be like look what that comes to Leia!) For me I obviously couldn’t put the fact about what any of this comes to out of my mind long enough to really enjoy the story.

So anyway The Princess and the Scoundrel is pretty much a Disney+ show. It’s fine. It’s diverting. It made me dislike the legacy characters (except the Ewoks- I would drink with them. Please Yoda don’t let Disney really touch the Ewoks) and I will likely forget I read it by the end of the year.

Recommend: Eh… You know? It’s probably a very good holiday read with summer coming up. Something to just throw in your pack and hit the beach with or read on the plane.

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