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Polite Society is Utterly Charming

Lena and Ria kicking butt in Polite Society

If I had to use two words to describe Polite Society they would be utterly charming. I hit play on this one with a whim as I’m currently visiting Stress City again and haven’t had much thought for anything. I didn’t even know if I’d finish it.

But I had so much fun! I watched it straight through smiling the whole time. Also it’s currently on Peacock, in the states at least, which does not get a lot of love as a streaming service but is solid.

Polite Society is about two sisters. Lena (Rita Aruya) has left art school and is currently having a bit of a crisis that her younger sister surely thinks will pass. Ria (Oriya Kansara) is a high schooler who wants to be a stunt woman and is absolutely full of energy, charm and life.

The sisters have a great relationship supporting each other and generally being best friends. Which is a little part of the problem as things go on- like any good wholly supportive baby sister Ria simply doesn’t understand why Lena doesn’t see herself as she sees her.

And she really doesn’t understand how she falls for the seemingly perfect guy that Ria can see right through.

Well and his evil mother.

I have to warn you this film does get a little (or a lot) out there. But honestly I didn’t care. I was smiling the whole time. The actresses are great. They actually felt like sisters.

Kansara is just wild charming and perfectly embodies this role. The costumes at the wedding are to die for- I would marry him for Lena’s dress alone. There’s always divorce. The action is nice and even the out there stuff honestly? It’s so fun it works.

I mean where else would I see a torture by waxing scene?

There’s even a great dance number!

Like I said if I had any caution it would be how out there it gets but I was enjoying it so much I simply didn’t care. Definitely a favorite of this year. It’s a fun summer flick to 🙂 As you can tell I enjoyed it immensely!

Recommend: Yes.

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