Good Omens Season 2: Spoilers!!!

Good Omens season 2

Fact: Aziraphale is a great Angel and all around good guy.

My unpopular opinion based on season 2: Crowley deserves better.

Spoilers for Good Omens Season 2. The whole season dropped on Amazon in a lovely and much needed surprise! (I didn’t know it would be the whole season!)

So as seen in the trailers Gabriel shows up at the bookstore without clothes or memory. Aziraphale naturally offers to hide and help him despite the fact both heaven and hell are after him.

And let’s face it after season one neither of those places are happy with our ineffable husbands.

Jon Hamm as Gabriel

Crowley, of course doesn’t want to, but he’s got his angel’s back as always.

This season is kind of a mixed bag. Jon Hamm is very funny but the Gabriel stuff does take a backseat for a lot of the show. There’s also this whole side thing with two characters relationship that was like… eh. I mean I didn’t hate it and I like the actresses but it was whatever.

But the show is very much about the relationship between Crowley and Aziraphale and of course that part is (mostly lovely). David Tennant and Michael Sheen have great chemistry and they know these characters and make them delightful to spend time with except…

Michael Sheen as Aziraphale

Man that zombie episode was a snooze fest that even they couldn’t completely save. But the whole history of their relationship just makes Crowley more interesting. Like who was he in heaven? Why doesn’t Aziraphale appreciate everything he does for him more? I mean in a lot of ways Crowley is a terrible demon.

There’s actually a fan theory that Crowley was actually the angel Lucifer- which would explain a lot. Yeah he could be Raphael too but Lucifer would be a lot cooler. Also on the side while I can take or leave the human characters (and leave the zombies) I do enjoy checking in on the beauracratically minded denizens of heaven and hell.

But that f-ing ending!

David Tennant as Crowley

I mean apparently a season 3 is… possible? Happening? I want to see it in writing! So I get the separation. The Metatron is definitely up to something that’s not what bothered me so much.

What bothered me was that, “I forgive you.”

You forgive him Aziraphale? You forgive him? After he came clean on his feelings. And then you kick him while he’s down. Yeah I’m not overly happy with Aziraphale after that ending. At least he seemed pretty quickly likely he knew he had made a mistake. Let’s hope we get the finale season (I’m assuming) quicker than season 2.

demons of hell in good omens

So rant done…

It was a very mixed season for me but my favorite demon and angel made it worthwhile. Plus it’s only six episodes though that zombie one does feel longer.

Recommend: Yes.

3 thoughts on “Good Omens Season 2: Spoilers!!!

  1. I was so excited to see the whole season dropped too! Neil Gaiman has said on Twitter they were gonna go right into making S3 (they even left the sets together) but the SAG-AFTRA strike has delayed it. Otherwise he’d be writing it now and they’d go into production. Though he’s promised, should the SAG-AFTRA strike go on too long and/or Amazon not want to pickup S3, he’ll write it as a novel so we can all see how Crowley and Aziraphale’s story ends.

    I agree with you on being frustrated by Aziraphale. And I’ve wanted to go back and sort of do a very mindful rewatch where I look at all Crowley says about his fall. Because you’re absolutely right – Aziraphale can be…weird (I guess? I can’t find a better word) with Crowley sometimes for a guy who isn’t a good demon. Maybe it’s because Aziraphale is so “by the book” that he’s scared of his feelings for Crowley? Or scared of admitting a demon can do good, too? I don’t know. But it’s something I think about a lot.

    Oh, also, I’m so glad you said you didn’t enjoy the zombie episode either! I kept thinking we could use that time to do something – anything – else that was more worthwhile and important to the plot.

    1. I saw a really good meme that said Aziraphale is the person that looks at the broken system and says I can fix it! And then it will be even better! Crowley is the one that looks at it and realizes it’s working exactly as intended and can’t be fixed.

      They just make for such fascinating characters because Crowley is at heart a good person who frankly can’t seem to help himself… doing good and getting away with it. Which does bring up all the theories on who Crowley actually is… Aziraphale I’d say he knows exactly what his feeling for Crowley are (even representatives of heaven and hell do) but then again much like heaven he seems to be able to dance right up to a lot of hard truths but never have accept them in the end. (In some cases like after Job because Crowley has stepped into give him an emotional out.)

      Can we get a book and a show? 🙂 On one hand I think a book would have a lot more depth but on the other without Tennant and Sheen I think it would be lacking.

      1. Ummm, now I feel like I NEED a book and a show! You’re right! I’d love the depth a novel would provide but it’s just not the same without David Tennant and Michael Sheen playing them.

        That meme you referenced does capture them perfectly! And I like all it implies and opens up for consideration about the nature of the systems which govern our lives, too. And I love what you said about how the forces of heaven operate in regard to hard truths! Ahhhhh, there is just SO MUCH going on in this show and I love it all!

        I definitely bought ‘Staged’ S1&2 on Prime because I needed more Tennant and Sheen in my life before ‘Good Omens 2’ came out. And I do not regret it XD. As you’d expect, they are hilarious together in that show. Then I watched S3 on BritBox when they added the series there.

        Between your post and then your reply here, I feel the need to go back and rewatch ‘Good Omens’ and ‘Good Omens 2’ growing more and more powerful. I had planned to watch Ahsoka’s appearances on ‘Rebels’ this weekend (I never finished that show) before trying ‘Ahsoka’ (even though the Star Wars shows have been disappointing me more than not for ages) but maaaaybe I should put that on hold and return to ‘Good Omens’? It may depend on whether or not I want to try writing about Ahsoka or not. Hmmm.

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