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Star Trek Strange New Worlds

Anson Mount as Captain Pike in Strange New Worlds

I have DNFed so many of my most anticipated shows this year it’s sad really. Luckily I loved Star Trek Strange New Worlds just as much in season 2! Blasphemy in some quarters I know!

And look I’m not going to say it’s flawless. What is? I am of two minds about the musical episode myself. But it’s top notch entertainment with characters I love that currently looks better than some of Marvel’s recent outings. The kind of show I end each episode saying, ‘I enjoyed that!’ Which is rare this year.

Warning: This one is a bit spoilery!

Character is Key

Strange New Worlds greatest strength to me is the characters and the actors. They have enough charm and chemistry with each other that I believe this is a tight crew. Strange New Worlds works to as a (mostly) episodic show that doesn’t lose track of the character beats.

In other words they feel consistent from episode to episode.

And I say that as someone who doesn’t love the new Kirk (still a guest star at this point as this is still Pike’s crew and ship). I also understand the consternation about how Spock is written sometimes.

But overall… I just like everyone. I enjoy spending time with them. And Carol Kane was a nice addition to the cast this year!

The “Romances”

I will say that while I absolutely love Pike and Marie. (Please don’t jinx it.) I couldn’t get into Chapel and Spock. Even knowing what happens I didn’t like it. I thought her song was surprisingly mean-spirited and the fact he felt he needed to apologize after was wrong to me.

She had way more chemistry with M’Benga…

Same with La’an and Kirk though I did appreciate how she faced it head on. And stayed in character by not singing her declaration to him.

La’an is one of my favorite characters and I really like what Christina Chong is doing with her. As well as her on-going friendships with One and M’Benga where they are both mentors, of a sort, to her.

Divisive Episodes

I loved, loved, loved the crossover! And I say that as someone whose only seen a few Lower Decks episodes.

The actors nailed their roles. It stayed focused and allowed growth for the main characters. There was a good reason for it (easy in a sci-fi show I know) and it was just fun! While also being emotional and the use of animation was blended well and gorgeous.

Meanwhile I’m also enjoying My Adventures with Superman and am kind of bummed Jack Quaid isn’t in the running for Johnny Storm. Although he’s not right for the role he’s been killing it recently.

Like I said the musical episode- didn’t love it but didn’t hate it. Can totally understand why it wouldn’t go down for everyone though.

The Season Finale…

While even I could count the number of sci-fi classics it was ripping off paying homage to. I still loved it. Again probably because I really enjoy these characters. I do wonder where they are going with their presentation of the gorn. But I hate the fact it was a part one!

The ending was great with Pike in a position that he’s rarely in. One that seems like it’s going to involve a choice he’s not going to like- even if only for a little while.

Also I did laugh at myself with the introduction of a certain character. I kept thinking why does he sound familiar? What is that accent? And then… Oh, that’s why!


While I can concur this shows not for everyone. I’m enjoying it. The cast is delightful and create a warmth I just want to spend time on the ship with them. It’s fun and it mostly looks great.

It feels like a throwback to me in the best ways.

Recommend: Yes.

Do you need to have watched any Star Trek to watch this?

No. Strange New Worlds can stand alone though some familiarity with the franchise will probably mean you get more of the easter eggs and nuance.

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