That Avatar The Last Airbender Trailer

Gordon Cormier as Aang in Avatar The Last Airbender

After watching the first official teaser for Netflix’s Avatar The Last Airbender series…

I’m still not sure how to feel. I’m slightly more hopeful but there’s one big old question remaining. The question and the weight of this show really falls on poor Gordon Cormier (Aang) shoulders.

My first thought is the show looks beautiful. Visuals and production design are definitely check marks.

the ice prison in avatar
avatar the last Airbender visuals

And the character design! Some of them look like they could have stepped right out of the animation.

Kiawentiio as Katara in Avatar The Last Airbender
Paul Sun-Hyung Lee as Uncle Iroh

So I hate to admit that when we got to Appa and Momo they felt a little off compared to the rest.

Momo in Avatar the Last Airbender

Far from terrible all things considered. I’m definitely willing to see more but then again maybe it’s another first rate argument for why some things should stay in animation. Yet you never could have done it without them!

Plus Azula looks a little too nice… 😉

Elizabeth Yu as Princess Azula

We’ll see how it goes with her though. Maybe that’s a good thing.

And we didn’t really get any of the actors here. I’m happy to say that Prince Zuko does look older than I thought he looked in the still pictures! I think Aang is without a doubt going to be hard to pull off. The character is such an amazing blend of childlike joy versus incredibly adult pathos. You really believed he was both a happy kid and a 100+ year old warrior with a terrible destiny lying ahead of him and a tragic past.

I’ve seen a couple interviews with Gordon Cormier now and he seems charming and lively but what a line to have to walk!

Still I’m open to it and crossing my fingers Netflix can go two for two with the live action adaptations! I hate the title card though…

Avatar The Last Airbender title card

Current premiere date is February 22nd 2024!

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  1. I really enjoyed watching the animated series with my two daughters. Your post is the first I’ve heard about the upcoming live-action series. At first, I was doubtful in that “why mess with a good thing?” kind of way. But after watching the trailer, I’m more hopeful. I’ll keep an open mind about the series and give it a chance.

  2. Similar thoughts – visually looks incredible, but we still do not know how the performances and dialogue will be. That will make or break it, however gorgeous it is. I hope for the best!!!

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