Trailer Wrap-up & a 2020 Predication


It’s been a crazy good couple of days for movie trailers or first looks. It’s kind of like Hollywood is easing us into 2020 like yeah, another decade of everyone’s lives are done and over but hey there’s some hopefully good movie shit coming up.

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Just Mercy: An Important Emotional Read

Just Mercy

Just Mercy

By: Bryan Stevenson

So in all honesty I was just going to wait for the movie on this one. Because important subject and Michael B. Jordan but then Twitter had a Twitter-Tantrum only this time it was big time authors acting up and I decided to give Just Mercy- one of the books sort of involved, a read.

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Best Quotes of 2019 Part 1

stranger things season three

So thanks to a reading planner I have actually managed to keep track of a good number of great and favorite quotes from the films and shows I’ve watched and the books I’ve read.

I didn’t keep them in any kind of order so it’s staying a bit of a hodge podge hence the best quotes of 2019 Part 1…

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The Best Book Covers of 2019

Alice grabbing a book on her way to wonderland

It’s still a little too early for most best of lists (there’s still so much more to see and read!) but it’s a perfect time for the Best Book Covers of 2019!

The most beautiful, the most stand-out buy me, the most striking and once again (for me) I think YA mostly stole the show in cover design this year.

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My Hopes are Raised: The Black Widow Trailer is Here

black widow returns

Black Widow was on my top 5 most anticipated 2020 films for next year solely due to the supporting cast Rachel Weisz, Florence Pugh and of course big bearded David Harbour. After the new trailer I’m more hopeful for the movie as a whole!

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I Finished One Series this Year!

queen of nothing

The Folk of Air Series

By: Holly Black

Holly Black has finished her tale and I have officially finished exactly 1 (1!) of the endlessly running book series I’m reading this year!

So I thought I’d wrap up my thoughts on this popular tale of the fae and confess that ever since I read the first book in my head Cardan has always been Tom Hiddleston’s Loki with a tail. Some things just burrow into your mind like songs and you can’t help yourself.

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It’s Not You, It’s Me… or Maybe You

The Library of the Unwritten

The Library of the Unwritten

By: A.J. Hackwitch

I think it hurts a little more when a book that has all the makings of something you should love disappoints. If I did 5-Star Read predictions The Library of the Unwritten would have been on it.

It’s a magic library in hell for Pete’s sake!

And yet it wound up being only a 2- star it was okay read.

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Top 5 Favorite Parks and Recs Episodes

leslie and ben parks and recreations

I finally finished the series!

And seeing as the show always calms me down and the holiday times coming I thought this would be a perfect time for my Top 5 Parks and Recreations episodes if you can slip away for 30 minutes of the busy days and take a breather!

Although there are so many cute moments throughout each show and character highlights that I had trouble narrowing it down to 5.

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