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The Tomorrow War is Pure Summer Movie Fun

There’s already a lot of back and forth about The Tomorrow War in reviews and I don’t like Pratt that much so I was really surprised how much I enjoyed this. It’s not the greatest movie by far. But actually as a summer sci-fi/action film The Tomorrow War is pure summer movie fun!

And I’m sorry but I just don’t know if it’s fair to knock a movie because “the time-travel science doesn’t hold up” as I saw one reviewer say.

Loki: Who’s In Charge of the TVA?

So I think episode 3 may have broken me because episode four (The Nexus Event) moved the story along and had everything episode 3 should have and I still felt… removed from the procedures in a way that I never was with Wandavision or TFAWS. I think I actually know why but it’s summer, it’s almost the 4th and I do so love speculating!

So let’s answer the big question: Whose really behind the TVA?

Cause I think episode 4 did point us in the right direction.


Detransition, Baby

Detransition, Baby is one of those books that’s a little hard to write a review about because it’s like I enjoyed it while reading it… I also admit I had to keep reminding myself to pick it back up and finish it.

Though that could be a little on me to- I’m all over the place these days. But it was interesting and I have a deficit of books about the trans experience in my library so it was definitely worth it.

What Any Snow White Adaptation Needs

We’re getting a live-action Snow White adaptation from Disney (I’m surprised it took them this long) Rachel Ziegler’s been cast as Snow. I don’t know the first thing about her I wish her well but the thing is…

This will be the one Disney wrecks because I just don’t think they’ll do it justice. And oh well it’s almost the 4th I’m melting in California maybe I’ll be a little controversial because if Snow White and the Huntsman taught us anything you can have an average Snow White but you need…

Loki’s Lamentis Left Me Wanting

Maybe if Loki was a 10 episode show I’d be a little less annoyed with Lamentis. Maybe by the time it ends it won’t have mattered but right now I’m a little disappointed in episode 3.

Not only was it shorter than the first two but the end left me less, “Oh my God! It’s over! I can’t… Why? I can’t process!” Instead I was like, “That’s it? Really? I feel a cheated.”