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Book Predictions for the 2020’s

My 2019 Movies in One Sentence

Zodiac Recommendations 2019:



Taylor Swift’s Lover

Dream Holiday Films

My Favorite Disney Princess Looks

Summer Book Recommendations 2019

Romantic Reads for Non-Romantic People

Recommendations for Avoiding the Super Bowl

January 2019 Wrap-Up


January 2018 Recap

February 2018 Wrap-Up

March 2018 Recap

April 2018 Wrap-Up

May 2018 Wrap-Up

June 2018 Wrap-Up

July 2018 Wrap-Up

August 2018 Wrap-Up

September Wrap-Up (2018)

October Wrap-Up (2018)

November Wrap-Up (2018)

Goodreads Stats and 2018 in Review


Resolutions Unhaul

My 2018 Films in One Sentence

Most Disappointing Films of 2018

5 Films that Need a Musical Number

What They Should Have Said

Book Inspired Summer Adventures

Read Me in the Spring (2018)

Summer Recs 2018

Guardians of the Galaxy Secret Readings Habits: Part 2

Avengers Secret Reading Habits: Part 1

Book Rec’s for Busy Days

Books for Jury Duty

Comic Con Inspired Reading


The Best Books of 2018

The Most Disappointing Books of 2018

Classicasthon Wrap Up

OWLS Readathon Wrap Up April 2018

Non Fiction November

Wrap Up 2017, Hang-Ups & Goals 2018

Top 5 Reads of Winter


The Naughty and Nice List of 2018

Holiday Reading Ideas 2018

Most Beautiful Book Covers of 2018

5 Ideas for TWD Films

My Blogging Confessions

My Book Kryptonite

Signs You Need a Book Buying Ban

Book Recommendations for the Reputation Era (TS)

Author Reading Goals 2018

My Movie Going Rules

New to Me Book Recommendations #2 (2018)

New to Me Book Recommendations #1 (2018)

10 Things I Wanted to Do after Reading It In a Book

Exciting Things in 2018

The Wisdom of Carrie Fisher

My Favorite Books of 2017!

10 Things I Love About Fall

Favorite Romantic Movies

My Favorite Alan Rickman Films

My Year Trying Audio Books

Favorite Female Friendships

Thoughts on Comic-Con Trailers

Book Gift Ideas (2015)

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