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Detransition, Baby

Detransition, Baby is one of those books that’s a little hard to write a review about because it’s like I enjoyed it while reading it… I also admit I had to keep reminding myself to pick it back up and finish it.

Though that could be a little on me to- I’m all over the place these days. But it was interesting and I have a deficit of books about the trans experience in my library so it was definitely worth it.

Out: I Actually Sent This Back

I am weirdly optimistic when it comes to books. I believe that they will get better which rarely is something I can do in real life. It keeps me reading. It makes it hard to DNF.

And I have never used the Audible refund policy for a book whether I like it or not.

So Out was a first in a lot of ways. It also brought my progress in the Asian Readathon to a screeching halt and indeed nearly derailed my reading!

This gets spoilery below!

Ariadne: A Beach Read Myth Retelling

I must admit I only really knew the story of Ariadne through who she’s connected to. Mainly the Minotaur (not one I ever really knew either) and Daedalus and Icarus.

So when I picked this book up thinking to just try a chapter I was drawn in fast. It’s a pretty readable book. Ariadne is like a good beach read myth retelling. While nowhere near as lyrically drawn it has some shades of Circe as well.