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Recs for The Best Themed Book Month of the Year

It’s non-fiction November usually the happiest (book) time of year!

Okay here’s a confession I used to get non-fiction confused with fiction because naturally I thought non-fiction meant… not true and fiction was true. Obviously I figured that out. Sometime in college I think but otherwise I thought I’d recommend some good not fiction books I’ve read recently.

Addie LaRue: I’ll Forget Her

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

By: V.E. Schwab

Addie LaRue is about a girl in 1700’s France who wants to get out of her arranged marriage and live. She makes a deal with the devil that winds up in an ultimate curse. She’s immortal but no one will ever remember her.

And he means that in the immediate way. Like her family forgets her. Someone turns their head and boom it’s who are you? I admit I hoped for so much on this one the idea sounded so good and ultimately I was disappointed.

I get a bit spoilery below. Nothing you probably haven’t already heard or assumed about the book but just beware if you want to go in completely blind.

A Story for the Deathless Girls

The Deathless Girls

By: Kiran Millwood Hargrave

Lil and Kizzy are twin sisters on the verge of their divining day (having their futures told) when they find their camp attacked by soldiers families killed and the survivors taken and forced into slavery.

The twins find themselves working in the Boyar’s kitchen and learning that the legend of human sacrifices to the “Dragon” is all too true.