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The Stand, The Multiverse & a Ramble

The Stand

The Stand

By: Stephen King

I finally finished my reread of The Stand this weekend and overall I’m glad I did. I’d still give it 5 stars for its sheer scope (even if it could still use some editing) and also because I’m older now I felt like I understood it on a different level and enjoyed picking up on some of the ways the stand has influenced modern works.

But seriously the most fascinating thing I learned concerned Marvel!

A Dance at the House of Salt and Sorrows

House of Salt and Sorrow

House of Salt and Sorrow

By: Erin A. Craig

Once there were 12 sisters living by the sea now after a series of increasingly tragic (and random) deaths there are only 8 left. 8 sisters who after years being shrouded in grief chase a myth through a hidden door that can apparently take them anywhere they want to go.

And life, at least at night, becomes an endless dance.

Writing about Your Neighbors for Profit…

Miss Buncle's Book

Miss Buncle’s Book

By: D.E. Stevenson

Is maybe not the best idea!

In need of money Barbara Buncle has written a book about the residents of her small English village. While she does it under a pen name and disguises everyone it turns out not so well and the residents are a bit quicker on the uptake than she might have given them credit for.

Which causes chaos in this quaint English village.