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The Mermaid’s Sister

 Clara and Maren are two sister’s (technically they aren’t sisters they were just orphaned and adopted by the same woman). When she turns sixteen Maren however begins to turn into a  mermaid which is a […]

I Was Here

First things first this book tells the story of Cody who is left devastated after the suicide of her best friend Meg. Meg’s parents ask Cody to travel down to the college and gather her […]

Champagne Supernovas

How to pick a book? 1. Chose a subject you’ve only just developed an interested in. 2. And most importantly? It’s title is one of your all time favorite songs. I think those are all […]

The Elite

I wanted to like this book. I really did. Mostly because it was my goal in February to finish one series that’s been hanging out on my wish list. The first book about basically a […]

Trigger Warning

I love Neil Gaiman but so far I’ve only ever read novels, Sandman and his children’s stories. When I saw this short story collection I jumped at buying it. I have a way of working short […]

Vanessa and Her Sister

Vanessa and Her Sister tells the story of Vanessa Bell and her writer sister Virginia Wolf (and also their family, friends and a little group they put together in the early 1900’s). Honestly that was […]

A Triple Knot

First thing I have to admit: I don’t know Plantagenet history so much as I do the War of the Roses or the Tudors for example so this one was a bit of a chore. […]